Agricultural sector is the primary sector of the economy
which involves the change of natural resources into primary product through
farming business.
Farming business is a lucrative business that lurches
millions into anyone’s pocket irrespective of what you do or your

Is an important sector of the economy that can provide a significant,
economic, and social impact that will affect the general public positively,
both in food provision, skill acquisition, employment opportunities and many
5million naira invested on fishery and broiler farming
business on 2plot of land at udu local government area of delta state, ‘as a
case study’, we give a total profit of N3,590,000 a year, (N2,908,000 on
fishery and N682,000 on broiler) if managed properly. While in 5years time, ceteris
paribus (all other things being constant), it will raise to N23,918,000, (total
profit in 5years time in fishery + total profit in 5years time in broiler
production). That is to say that; 5million naira invested on fishery and
broiler production we give 4.78 profit return on investment (23,918,000 ÷
5,000,000 = 4.7836)
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