All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide

All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide

All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide is free for all. Pineapple cultivating is one certain cash making cultivating venture. As a matter of facts, it’s yet to increase demand attention of most farmers in Nigeria. Most investors has started investing million on large acres for Pineapple farming. Pineapple is a natural product with a great deal of financial significance. Aside been eaten crude, it is also used in making plates of mixed greens, and organic product. Likewise, it is additionally prepared into natural juice, Jam, Wine and so on.


All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide

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Pineapple Cultivators Don’t just Profit 

 Pineapple cultivators don’t just profit from the offers of pineapple natural products yet additionally pitch suckers to other planning producers. Subsequently, pineapple is the present cash spinner to the extent cultivating undertaking is concerned today. On the off chance that you are thinking about a gainful cultivating business to begin in the nation, at that point think no more. 


Smart Steps on All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide

In the past, so many people have been discouraged about pineapple farming due to its longer time of fruiting (2years).  Furthermore, its inability to bear fruit, ripe, harvest and sell the whole farm at the same time. As a matter of facts, current discoveries from research had alleviated these challenges. Cultivated Pineapple can now be planted to bear fruit, ripe, harvest and sold at the same time within a period of 14 months.
Pineapple farming is not a quick money making enterprise as when compared to annual crops like maize, cowpea, cucumber and so on. Although, it is a sure way of making sustainable income over time after it’s initially established. When they are properly monitored, they yield money all through the year.



Pineapple flourish well on an all around depleted sandy soil in view of the idea of its foundations. The roots are to a great degree delicate and can just develop in a free and very much circulated air through soil with moderately great water maintenance. Thus, silty soils and clayey soils are not suggested for developing pineapples. A sandy soil with a PH somewhere in the range of 4.5 and 5.5 is most proper for developing pineapples. 
In case your farmland has satisfied the above prerequisites however it is sloopy, at that point guarantee you furrow and edge over the slant so as to control disintegration. 


Pineapple is generally planted amid the blustery season when there is an even dissemination of precipitation amid the early times of planting. In spite of the fact that pineapples are high consumers of water and light however does well under a mellow temperature. Subsequently, guarantee to plant pineapple amid the blustery season to such an extent that there is sufficient water for a time of 4 months in the wake of planting with the goal that it can develop well and certification great yield. 


Clear the farmland of any stumps and from that point furrow the land, abandoning it for up to 14 days in order to uncover conceivable creepy crawly aggressors to daylight. From that point, you can edge the farmland.
Encounters have appeared ongoing occasions that pineapple develops and does well when planted on edges than on a level harrowed arrive. This is because of the delicate idea of the root. So guarantee that the land is appropriate worked, also plant pineapples on edges/beds.
All about Pineapples Farming Business/Business Plans/Guide


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Ideal Spacing Required In Planting Pineapples

Pineapple plants are usually set out in twin/double or triple rows. A spacing of 1m from center to center of beds/ridges, rows 60cm apart within beds/ridges and plants 30cm apart within rows is recommended (30 x 60x 100cm) giving a plant population of 55,000 plants/ha.
Ensure that your suckers are ready like 1 week before planting. Peel off the first two-leaf layers of the root base so as to expose the young roots, thereby hastening growth rate. While planting, ensure to plant the suckers at a depth of 10 cm.


  • It is important to control weeds in pineapple farm during the first four months after planting so as to avoid slow growth of pineapple plants which could arise as a result of competition for space, nutrients and air with the crop.
  • It is advisable that a A pre-emergence application of Atrazine @ 4kg a.i/ha is is to be applied immediately after planting in other to block the germination of weed seeds for as long as possible.
  • Thereafter,a tank mixture of Atrazine and diuron can be used subsequently for weed control in pineapple. Meanwhile, weeding in a pineapple farm is done at least three to four times with a growing season to prevent the farm from being overtaken by weed


It takes pineapple 9 months to be of sufficient mass (dark green in color) to produce a good sized fruit. At this point it is set for artificial inducement.
This period of time for maturity is particular by pineapples propagated by suckers only.
Note; it is not advisable to plant pineapple on a lease or rented land because pineapples produce all year round.Plant it on your own land.

Cost Analysis on one acre of Pineapple Farm

Purchase of pineapple suckers of 25,000 pieces is needed for one acre of land under standard planting method at the rate of #30 per each suckers…..

Cost Analysis

  1. Purchase of suckers=25,000 suckers×#30=#750,000
  2. Secondly, cost of planting per suckers #3×25,000 suckers=▶#75,000
  3. 2 bags of fertilizer is needed▶ #20,000
  4. Labor for the fertilizer application▶ #8,000
  5. Also, cost of induction chemical ▶#60,000
  6. cost of Herbicide▶#30,000
  7. Likewise, cost of labor that will apply the herbicide. ▶#10,000
  8. Cost of Transportation▶50,000
  9. Similarly, Cost Analysis Totaling the sum of.▶#753,000
  10. Future Expectation on one acre of pineapple farm
  11. Minimum price per fruit at local market sold at the rate of #150 per fruit……
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Hence: Let’s assumed that 20,000 suckers was successfully Germinated and due for harvesting where as 5,000 suckers is still under Harvesting due to slow germination or died suckers. So 20,000 suckers × #150= #3,000,000 and This is just for the first production of the fruit….

 All about Pineapples Farming Business

  1. Pineapple repeat Production I.e once you plant the suckers it will last for Good 12 years under Good management
  2. You will have opportunity to Generate suckers from the farm after Second production of the produce
  3. Induction must be done at appropriate time.


Under natural condition, that is an un-induced pineapple farm, pineapples is harvested between late April to August. This can be observed around us now. The fruit usually ripens about 5 months after flowering.
With irregular flowering, harvesting is spread over a long period of time,thereby bringing pineapple production from planting to harvesting between 19-20 months.


Mealybug is a common pest of pineapple found on the surface of the pineapple leaf as well as inside the enclosed blossom cups.
It is also a vector of wilt disease in pineapple. Mealy bug can be controlled by spraying insecticide in the morning or evening on the pineapple field.
Nematodes are also serious pests of pineapple;They are controlled by fumigating the soil with 1, 3-D.
Root rot disease can be prevented by avoiding too much water around the root zone of pineapple but can be controlled by improving soil drainage.

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