Catfish farmers On Profit or Loss

Catfish Farmers On Profit Or Loss

Catfish farmers On Profit or Loss is a guide to put you into check. As a Farmer, are you making profit or Loss in Fish Farming? As a matter of facts, we are open to receive your contributions. Nevertheless, we are here to break it down for you on catfish farming business. This is because, a lot of story surround the business, some are making cool cash, while some are making big lose, some are jumping into the business while some are backing out of the business. What is really happening? Furthermore, we write professional business plans and feasibility Report on any Agribusiness Start up. Are you going in For loans, Grant or Business Proposal to an Investor? Contact us today lets write you one. Peruse through our Table of Content and see what you can get when we write one for you.

Catfish farmers On Profit or Loss

Catfish Farmers On Profit Or Loss And All About Catfish

A commercial facility consisting of tanks or ponds in which fish are raised for food.

As we all know fish is the cheapest source of animal protein and because of its
low cholesterol level it is medically recommended as a good food for both the
young and elderly.
Fish farming in Nigeria is currently a very lucrative business and this is
boosted by the continuous rise in the demand for Catfish. It is an Untapped
Goldmine waiting for those who can see.

But before you venture in the business because of the profit you heard is on
the business, have you consider the below point?



Firstly, Do you already have suitable ponds or a pond site?

Secondly, Do you have most of the equipment (pumps, etc.) needed?

Thirdly, Do you have the necessary financial resources?

Have you made an estimate of investment
costs and annual cost and return?

Have you estimated the impact of changes
in fish prices and feed costs on projected income?

Will the expected profit provide an adequate
return for your labor, management and risk?

Can you afford to forego income until you sell
your stock (usually 4-6 months after starting)?

Can you afford to absorb occasional losses?

Are you willing to devote the time and effort required?

Do you know of an established market for your fish?

Is there a market for your fish at the time of year
you plan to sell them?

Will you have harvesting and transport equipment,
or do you have a suitable arrangement
for harvesting your fish?

Do you have an alternative marketing strategy?

Is the water quality suitable for your fish farming? This is very important.

Is the pond area protected from flooding?

Are the drains in existing ponds adequate
for rapid draining?

Is there daily access to the ponds, regardless of weather,
for feeding, treating, and harvesting?

Is the pond bottom suitable for harvesting
(smooth and stump free)?

Will someone live close enough to the pond to allow
frequent observation and necessary management?

If you have check all this, and you meet up, then you can proceed.

Firstly, your pond, are you planning on a concrete pond or earthen (will advise
this if its a permanent place), plastic pond, or tarpaulin pond, you have to
consider this four major types of ponds, the ones you consider ok for you. The
earthen pond are ponds dug close to the river or stream area, which u have to
consider the topography of the land so that flood won’t sweep away your fish,
the concrete pond are the ones build with bricks, which u have to be caution
when constructing it for it not to leak after construction, then d plastic
tank, its a mobile tank, and its very durable but it need a slab for easy
drainage of water, also the tarpaulin tank, some are constructed with wood,
while some are constructed with metal, but there are some imported from china,
they are very good and durable, but you have to be caution of small children
not to take sharp object near it.

Secondly your water, without good source of water, your fish won’t grow well,
or when your pH is not stable, the water pH for fish should be 6.5-8.5. While
7.0 is the best water pH. You will also have to consider the ammonia level of
water, what really increase your water ammonia level is when the water is dirty
and you don’t change it on time, your pond is not located in a clean
environment, this makes your die often.

Thirdly your fish, you really need to be very caution of where you buy your
fish from, buy fish from your close people or someone a friend recommend you to
that he or she has a good stock, or better still you go to the person farm to
see his or her facilities and see the fish you want to buy, because this is
where most people get it wrong, they buy a runt fish and they keep feeding, and
it won’t grow, when you are buying fish, be sure of the person, because most
farmer has sweet mouth to sell their product, they will be calling a 10weeks
old fish for 5weeks, because it refuse to grow well in their farm, and when you
buy from them it won’t grow well. Please when you are buying a fish make sure
they give u fingerlings ranging from 3gram to 4gram, and average length of 3cm
to 4cm 4weeks plus and juvenile ranging from 5grams and average length of 5cm
to 7cm 7weeks plus, but if you are just starting, I will advise you go for the

Fourthly feeding, feeding takes 70% of the total investment of the business,
when feeding your fish, you don’t try to cut too much corner, because its like
starving the fish and the fish won’t grow as expected. All you can is get good
source of protein to supplement your fish feed, and reduce the cost of the fish
food. Catfish eat 2% to 10% of their body weight, which means
if your fish weighs 10 grams requires a ration of 8% of its body weight,
Amount of feed to be fed per day = 10 grams x 8/100
= 0.8 grams feed per fish per day.
If there are 1000 fish in the pond, then;
= 0.8 g x 1000 fish
= 800 g of feed should be given to your fishes per day. That’s how you do the
calculation on a weekly basis, so as to meet up with their feeding terms, and
you can plan to feed them 2 or 3 times in a day, but their must be a fix time
for the feeding.

Fifth you grade or sort your fish every 3 to 4weeks to avoid serious canibalism
and also not to make the fish grow normally, because the big will oppress the
small from feeding, also change their water every 3 days, but you can change
your water everyday if you are using recirculatory system, or doing constant
flow through.

Six is marketing, who are the people that will buy my fish, we have the market
women though they buy ridiculously, but they can clear your pond in 1 or 2
visit, also hotels, but they don’t really buy in large quantity or if they do,
they come back maybe after 2 to 3months to buy more, but you can tap into the
smoking part, it really boost the profit. Please don’t be decieve by the
popular saying that a fish sells for 600, presently in lagos and ogun state,
the big size sells for 490 to 450, while d medium sells for 440 to 400,and the
small sells for 380 to 320.

Seven, I will ask myself, which month is the best for me to raise my fish to,
is it 2months which I will sell a kg of fish for 320 called me lunch, those
EGUN at makoko of yaba comes to your farm and clear this set of fish or the
mallams at ibadan express road close to sat gurumaraji camp to clear your fish once,
they smoke this set of fish, and sells out to Nigerians who doesn’t eat the
fresh ones, this fish weighs 200grams to 250grams at 2 months, and maybe like 4
to 5 makes a kilo that sells for 320 in the market the demand for this is very
much and brings your money back in a very short time, the 4months set is where 50
to 60% of the fish weigh a kilo, and the rest weigh 800grams below. Then the
6months fish is where 80 to 90% of the fish is 1kg and above.
Am analyzing this because most people think by 4months their fish should be 2kg

The demand for fish according to the federal department of fisheries (FDF) was
2.1 million tons in 2007 while domestic production was 600,000 tons.

This deficit was partly augmented by massive importation of fish of about
900,000 tons valued at over $800 million dollars. This is a big drawback on our
scarce foreign exchange.
This still left a huge deficit of 600,000 tons, hence the concerted effort to
ensure self-sufficiency in fish production through aquaculture in Nigeria.

The demand for Fish in the country is currently estimated at about 2.66 million
tons annually, as against the local annual production of just 780,000 metric
tons, giving a demand-supply gap of about 1.8 million tons. It is very clear
that the demand is far higher than supply. What do you see as an entrepreneur?
Business opportunity!
According to the Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, “Nigeria imports fish
especially stock fish from Norway, worth over N109.2 billion Naira ($700million
dollars) annually”.

In a May 2012 report, the Chairman of Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON)
Rivers State chapter, Dr. Awoteinm George revealed that “Nigeria produces just
40 percent of the total Fish consumed in the country”. In other words, a 60
percent local production market is waiting for entrepreneurs to fill.

Aquaculture has been estimated to have the potential of producing 2.5 million
tons, which if fully harnessed will almost satisfy the local demand for fish in
the country. You could take opportunity of this high demand for fish and start
a fish farm today.
This could be that business that would make you a millionaire.

The truth is agro-based businesses are very profitable because they meet man’s
basic need-Food. You could start and operate your fish pond right in your
backyard, compound or garage. What are you waiting for? Culture Fish and Grow
Rich this year

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