Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria is currently on going. Place your order now! Intuitively, this Cheap Battery Cage Sales in all Parts Of Nigeria is design to enhance your poultry production. As a matter of fact, we take up the stress off you. We practically come over to your farm to install it. Similarly, our Battery Cage system are strong and long lasting.
Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

More On Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Furthermore, Poultry farming is a lucrative business to invest in. There are a lot of inches that you can Teach Yourself All About poultry Farming. One of such inches is; Chris Farm Nigeria website. We have all it takes to put you through. Poultry Farming makes lots of million when produced in large quantity. Similarly, opening a company for this business needs capital. Professional Business plan and a feasibility study writing is a must. This has the propensity to give you a Loan, grant or investor signups. Watch our videos tag; difference between a feasibility study and a business plan to get a clear understanding. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report for your loan, grant, or investors.
Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Smart Info On Battery Cage

Battery cages are cages made from wire. They have wire mesh floors, through which feces passes into the manure pit below, and small gaps in the front, to allow the hens to feed. A sloping floor ensures that the eggs roll into a trough. The wire walls often cause extreme feather loss and painful, lifelong blisters.

Furthermore, we sale foreign and locally made battery cages all over Nigeria. Our prices are affordable. Place your order today.   

Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Advantage of Battery Cages

  • Chickens have reduced risks of infection as they have no direct contact with their droppings
  • Eggs stay clean and are not easily broken
  • Eggs can easily be retrieved by the farmer
  • Cages can easily be kept clean
  • Records and counting will be very easy
Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

More about our farm

Chris farm Nigeria offers Agricultural consultancy. More especially on production of live stocks like; fishery, poultry , piggery, snailery, grass-cutter, and rabbitery. Similarly, we provide opportunities to empower smaller farmers through our training programs, and explanation of well developed feasibility studies of the above listed production.

Buying Our Batter Cage

Intuitively, we sell battery cage system all over Nigeria. Our battery cage system is design for birds and any other animals you wish to put in a battery cage system. On your demand, we supply to your farm and also sets it up for you. Should in cage you want a foreign one, we will deliver within twenty working days to Lagos port authority. Likewise send it to you after clearing. This will take extract one week to get to your farm. we also build poultry sheds and fix up your battery cage if you so desire. Our expertise comes from china to give you a world class design. Nevertheless, our Nigeria workers are perfect in setting up your battery cage system. Intuitively, our optimum desire is to see you succeed in your business.

Battery Cage Repairs

Furthermore, we also repair dilapidated / bad battery cage system in your farm. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You fix your poultry farm aright.

Samples of some battery cage designs are as follows;





Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria




Cheap Battery Cage Sales In All Parts Of Nigeria

Cage System on Perfect Poultry Business Plan & A Feasibility Study In Nigeria

This system involves rearing of poultry on raised wire netting floor in smaller compartments, called cages, either fitted with stands on floor of house or hanged from the roof.  It has been proved very efficient for laying operations, right from day-old to till disposal.  At present, 75% of commercial layers in the world are kept in cages. Feeders and water trough are attached to cages from outside except nipple water drinker, for which pipeline is installed through or above cages.  Auto-operated feeding trolleys and egg collection belts can also be used in this rearing system.  The droppings are either collected in trays underneath cages or on belts or on the floor or deep pit under cages, depending on type of cages.

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  • Minimum floor space
  • More number of eggs per hen can be received
  • Less feed wastage
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Protection from internal parasites and soil borne illnesses
  • Sick and unproductive birds can be easily identified and eliminated.
  • Clean eggs production
  • Vices like egg eating, pecking is minimal.
  • Broodiness is minimal
  • No need of litter material
  •  Artificial Insemination (AI) can be adopted.



  • High initial investment cost.
  • Handling of manure may be problem. Generally, flies become a greater nuisance.


The incidence of blood spots in egg is more

Problem of cage layer fatigue. (It is a condition, in which laying birds in cages develop lameness.  It may be due to Ca and P deficiency but the exact reason is not known)

In case of broilers, incidence of breast blisters is more, especially when the broilers weight is more than 1.5 kg.

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Types of cages

Based on the number of birds in a cage, it is classified as

  • Firstly, Single or individual bird cage (Only one bird in a cage)
  • Secondly, Multiple bird cage (From 2 to 10 birds, usually 3 or 4 birds per cage)
  • Lastly, Colony cages (Holding birds more than 11 per cage)


Based on the number of rows

  • Single-deck
  • Double-deck
  • Triple-deck
  • Four-deck
  • Flat-deck

Based on arrangement of cages

1) Stair-step cages

  1. a) M-type cages
  2. b) L-type cages

2) Battery cages (Vertical cages)

Based on the type of bird reared

Brooder / chick cages

  • Grower cages
  • Layer cages
  • Breeder cages


Floor space requirements

Type Age
(in weeks)
Egg-type chicken 0-8 0.60 0.20
9-18 1.25 0.30
>18 1.50 0.50
Meat-type chicken 0-4 0.30 --
4-8 0.75 --

Battery cage system For Sale

On Our battery cage specifically, We have for cold galvanized and hot Galvanized

On cold galvanized; we have;

  • Height: 84inches (7ft)
  • Length: 71inches (actual) including water rubber tank (78 inches) (6.5ft)
  • Width: 116inches (2.94m)
  • Each cell is 14inches by 16inches.


On Hot Galvanized, we have;

6.56ft long. 6.56ft wide. 5.4ft height

Irrespective of your poultry pen, we can customize our battery cage system to suite your size.

More on Poultry Battery Cage Repairers

Poultry Battery Cages get bad when they are expose to adverse weather condition that causes them to rust. Once they becomes rusted, there is need to replace them. If not, your cages may begin to breakdown. Our staff are well trained to handle any task.  Contact us right away to help you out.

Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


Do you need a business plan to raise fund for your business?

We can carry out research and develop MBA grade business plans that you can present to a bank or investor. Intuitively, Chris Farm Nigeria develops well self-explanatory, irresistible feasibility studies or business plan for your Business start ups, Business Growth or Expansions through either personal funds, Grants, or loans, which could be new or existing ones. We delight in writing for people under Academic sectors, production sectors, manufacturing sectors, processing or packing sectors, advertising sectors, marketing sectors and other related sectors on mini, middle and large scale businesses.

For your Agribusiness, either production, processing, marketing of any Agro-industry, our feasibility studies or business plan are explicit.

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General Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Intuitively, our feasibility study and business plans are explicit. Likewise, becomes irresistible when you show them to your investors or sponsors. It gives you a clear picture of what you are to see. Especially, when you put the feasibility study or business plans into use.

More Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Similarly, it shows how much it will cost you to own your desired business, what your money can afford. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output. Likewise, how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital. Lastly, this will give the intending business person or investor or farmer, a vivid idea on the possible benefit he or she stands to gain, when he or she starts doing the business. However, the intending business person or investor or farmer will not need a soothsayer to make decision for him or her.


CLICK HERE to see what our Business Plans and Feasibility Study Reports has for you.

Intuitively, Our Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report has a unique content. Take a look at our it. Finally, be rest assured that we give you what you want if you place and order. For easy understand of your idea, Call us or send us an email for your request. And you will be Glad you did.

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