Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State

Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State

Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State. Intuitively, Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State is a free guide.

Similarly, Pig Production / Marketing With A Business Plan is what makes millions. Pig production and marketing is a lucrative business. This makes lots of million when produced in large quantity. Similarly, opening a company for this business needs capital. Professional Business plan and a feasibility study writing is a must. This has the propensity to give you a Loan, grant or investor signups. Watch our videos tag; difference between a feasibility study and a business plan to get a clear understanding. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State

Feasibility study on poultry farming business (specializing on broiler and layer production), using two plot of land of 100ft by 100ft, in Agbarho community, Delta State as a case study
Agbarho traditional ruler ship has been by the ‘Osuivie’ who rules with an advisory body comprising traditional chiefs from whom the chronologically foremost in the chieftaincy institution succeeds the Osuivie. There is also an administrative body known as Agbarho Urhobo Improvement Union (AUIU) which has the responsibility of development and policy making. 
Farming business is a lucrative business and also an important sector of the economy that can provide significant, economic, and social impact which will affect the general public positively, both in food provision, skill acquisition, employment opportunities and many more…..
After carrying out the feasibility study on Agbarho community, it was discovered that farming generally will do well both on crop and animal production.
For poultry farming business (on broiler and layer production), there are large market network in Ughelli sourth, agbarho, effurun, warri areas, nearby towns with many dispatch outlets like; hotels, spotlights, bars, bakeries, event planners, families all around. 
Investing thirty six million, two hundred and seventy thousand, seven hundred and seventy five Naira only {N36, 270,775(÷ 160) →$226,693} N36, 270,775 on poultry business on 2 plots of land is a very lucrative one. Using profitability index to determine how lucrative the business is, we got a viable result of 1.08% returns on business in the six year. That tells us that, after six years time, the businesses will break-even and your profit projection will emerge. (That means; the business as been able to pay back


Introduction To Feasibility Study /Business Plan On Poultry Farming Business In Agbarho Community Delta State


Poultry farming is one of the proven lucrative businesses in Nigeria economy, with lots of high demand on poultry products (meats, eggs and dropping as manure for crop farmers). The most interesting part of it is; ‘You don’t need to be a college graduate to run a poultry farm’, seeing the huge demand for chicken at the high rate of consumption in families, eateries, celebrations and many more areas like in the bakery industries.
Demand is huge but the supply can barely keep up since the restriction on importation of frozen food as increase drastically. Fortunes are made by huge chicken farmers.
Chickens are one of the major sources of animal meat, aside from pork and fish in events and celebrations, in fact, is now a major integral part of human life.  As a business, they increase your source of income.
Chickens are just like your children and other animals; they require special treatment and care. To ensure continuous production of chicken and eggs, your chickens should be regularly checked by veterinarians to ensure their health. Sick chickens will negatively affect your production, so it is important to have adequate medical coverage for your poultry animals.
Floor space required depends with the chicken type. 3 sq ft needed for light chicken and 4 sq ft required for general purpose chicken.
There are many types of chicken sheds but the most popular ones are the cage sheds and floor sheds are the ancient ones.
30,000 sq ft house is needed for 10,000 chickens, if you prefer cage type shed then the built-up area will be 4000 sq ft to 7500 sq ft depending on the type of cage you use in your poultry farm. Average space needed for a bird in cage type shed is from 0.4 – 0.75 sq ft.


Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


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We can carry out research and develop MBA grade business plans that you can present to a bank or investor. Intuitively, Chris Farm Nigeria develops well self-explanatory, irresistible feasibility studies or business plan for your Business start ups, Business Growth or Expansions through either personal funds, Grants, or loans, which could be new or existing ones. We delight in writing for people under Academic sectors, production sectors, manufacturing sectors, processing or packing sectors, advertising sectors, marketing sectors and other related sectors on mini, middle and large scale businesses.

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General Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Intuitively, our feasibility study and business plans are explicit. Likewise, becomes irresistible when you show them to your investors or sponsors. It gives you a clear picture of what you are to see. Especially, when you put the feasibility study or business plans into use.

More Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Similarly, it shows how much it will cost you to own your desired business, what your money can afford. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output. Likewise, how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital. Lastly, this will give the intending business person or investor or farmer, a vivid idea on the possible benefit he or she stands to gain, when he or she starts doing the business. However, the intending business person or investor or farmer will not need a soothsayer to make decision for him or her.

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