Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming

Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming

Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming is a free guide to farmers. Firstly, starting your business with a lay down plan is the first step to success. This lay down plans begins with having your business plans and feasibility study report handy. This is your winning tool. When the business is going off track, you can easily fine out.

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Intuitively, good business plans and feasibility study forecast the business for you. Look through our business plans and feasibility sample from HERE FOR FREE. Furthermore, this are some tips to get you started below; 


Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming(1) Location


(2) Cost of labour


(3) Cost of materials


(4) Cost of feeding


(5) Cost of fingerling (fish seed)


(6) Water


(7) Marketing


Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming

In carrying out feasibility study in an area this conditions must be satisfied.


In fish farming the area or location plays important role in deciding the type of pond to be constructed. For example an area with swampy environment is useful in fish farming but the suitable pond to be constructed is earthen pond. When the site located for fish farm is swampy, earthen pond will be the most fitted. When the site located is not swampy but the soil has a high water retaining capacity, earthen pond can also be ideal for such site.


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A bushy forest with lot of trees may cost a lot of money and must be avoided if the chosen site has water, it will be of more advantage.

Earthen pond is cheaper to construct and has high productivity in terms of fish culture. When there is a nearby flowing stream close to the site can be diverted and as water source and can be built a flow through pond system which is more intensive and has high production level in terms of fast growing of the cultured fish.


Concrete pond can be constructed or built in any chosen site apart from heavy swampy area to avoid high cost in construction. In building or constructing concrete pond, the farmer should make provision for bore hole for water supply or alternatively buy water. A little or total shade must be provided.


Cost of labour varies as labour can be cheaper at one area than the other, and is very important in constructing earthen pond because to much labour needed for excavation. Labour must be involved and cost is very important to be considered during preparation of feasibility study.


Cost of materials is very important hence pond cannot stand without putting one material or the other together for example:
(1) Cement, sand and gravel.
(2) Inlets and outlets facilities such as: joints, valves, glues, PVC pipes, etc. The cost of all these must be considered must be considered during feasibility study.


The cost of feeding varies depending on the quality of feed in consideration. Foreign feeds are more costly, example coppens is sold above 7,000 Naira, while local feeds cost below 5.100 Naira and above.


The cost of producing the feed locally which will still maintain the high level crude protein equal to the foreign feed.


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Another important section of feasibility study is the marketing aspect. In fish business the size of the fish determines the market. Consumers and retailers like big fish than small fish when your fish grows big, the market will be looking for you. A farmer can also go into smoking his/her own fish to enhance its market hence most of the fish consumers likes smoked fish than fresh ones no mater the size of the fish.


Feasibility study also gives the farmer an overview of what he/she needs to know about the business, the cost of starting and revenue or gain he /she is expecting to make at end of the business.


Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming

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