Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure

Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure For free. In Fish Farming, Fish Diseases|Management Practices and Cure is a great skill in fish farming management. Furthermore, it grantees your success in the business. Oftentimes, all living things are prone to disease infestation. This could be contagious or not contagious. But, the ability to cure or combat these diseases, promotes your production.

Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure

More On Fish Diseases|Management Practices and Cure

Furthermore, the major cause of Fish Diseases|Management Practices and Cure arises form  industrialization pollution. The world is polluted on a daily basis. These has increase the rapid spread of diseases for all living-things, which includes Fish farming. Likewise, Diseases of fish are great barrier for fish farming. There is a faint symmetry among fishes in aquatic environment, germ of diseases and the environment. As a result the fish (host) get affected by diseases due to interaction of pathogen and environmental stress.

Causes of Fish Diseases|Management Practices and Cure

The fish may get infected by diseases for numerous reasons. Some reasons of fish diseases are listed below.

  • Firstly, attack of bacteria, fungus, virus etc. germ.
  • Parasites like worms, leech, lice etc.
  • Malnutrition (especially protein and vitamin).
  • Stocking minnow highly in small place.
  • Changing physical and chemical qualities of water.
  • Water pollution by industrial waste.
  • Producing poisonous gas in the water.
  • Also, using excessive organic and chemical fertilizer.

Classification of Fish Diseases

Fish diseases are of various types which are listed below.

  • Bacterial Diseases: Tail and fin rot disease, gill rot disease etc.
  • Fungus Diseases: Epizootic ulcerative syndrome, gill rot disease etc.
  • Viral Diseases: Epizootic ulcerative syndrome is a viral disease.
  • Parasites Diseases: White spot diseases, argulosis, fluke disease etc.
  • Malnutritious Diseases: Malnutritious disease of fish causes due to lack of vitamin and minerals.

General Symptoms of Fish Disease:

Various types of disharmonious physical characteristics and symptoms can be seen in a diseases affected fish. The symptoms of disease affected fish are of two types.

Behavioral Signs

  • The fish stops consuming food.
  • Fish loss physical balance.
  • Idly float over water.
  • Fish rub their body with strong material in the pond.
  • Swim very fast restively.
  • Lastly, Fishes gather in the outflow of water.

Clinical Symptoms

  • Firstly, head seems very big comparatively to their body.
  • Secondly, the fishes loss their natural bright look.
  • Their body flow out excessive mucus.
  • Natural color of fish get changed and become light or dark.
  • Rotation can be seen in the gill of fish.
  • The may infected by sore in scales, skin or fins.
  • Also, the scales get swelled or scale off.
  • The color of gill turned to pale or red.
  • Belly get swelled and eyes come out.
  • Lastly, the fish become very sick if it affected by diseases of fish.

Fish Diseases

Almost all types of animal suffers by diseases once or more during its lifetime. Fish are not the exception. They also get affected by different types of fish diseases. Diseases are the main obstacle for successful fish farming. But due to various reasons the fish of pond and this types of source are suffers much than open source like the river and sea. So, the fish of pond suffers from different types of diseases. By using modern farming methods in fish farming we can reduce diseases in fish. The common diseases of fish and its remedy are highlighted below.

Ulcer disease of fish

The shol, gojar, taki, pumpti, bain, koi, mani, mrigel and fish of low water label are suffered by this disease. The affected fish of this disease can be identified by red spots in its skin. The shape of this spot generally increase rapidly. The tail, back side and mouth are most affected places.If the fish infected by ulcer then the infected fish of the pond should removed immediately. The affected fish should keep in 100 g of salt mixing with 10 litters of water, then remove them to the pond again. To prevent this disease and keep the fish health well 1 kg of lime and 1 kg of salt should apply before the winter season come. This will keep the fish free from disease during the winter season.
fish diseases, diseases of fish

Stomach swelling

Ruhita fish and catfish are mostly affected by this disease. The main landmarks of this disease is that the color of its body become pale. Due to water storage in the stomach the belly of the fish become big sized. The fish lost the balance of its body. Affected fish moves here and there and this is the main fish symptoms of disease. The fish meet death quickly. This disease generally happens for “Aromonads” bacteria.

The water from the stomach should removed by a empty syringe. After that 25 mg of clorem fenicle injection should apply for every one kg of fish or 200 mg of clorem fenicle powder may mix with the food and feed the fish. 1 kg of lime can use according to the size of the pond. In this case it is essential to use fish meal with the food of fish. Besides this it is important to ensure the natural food and sufficient supplementary food.

Fluke Disease In Fish

Fluke disease in fish harm much to the fish farmer. Fish generally get affected by fluke disease by two types of worm which are described below.

1. Tape Worm

Firstly, Fluke disease by tape worms spreads to the fish by the dejecta of fish eating bird. When the bird defecate in the pond then the fish consume it and the tape worm enter directly to the body of fish. Fluke disease by tape worm is very harmful for fish and do a lot of harm to the body of fish. Symptoms and treatment of fluke disease by tape worm are described below.


  • Firstly, the place from where the worm enter to the body of fish get wounded.
  • Fungus and bacteria can easily infect the wounded place of fish.
  • The belly of fish get swelled much than usual.
  • Lastly, the fish become feeble.


  • This disease has no proper treatment. But preventing fish eating bird can reduce this fish diseases.
  • Wash the wounded place of fish by potassium permanganate solution. This will kill the worm.
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2. Flat Worm

Flat worm affect the fish much in rainy and winter season. This types of worm attack the gill of fish and consume blood from the vein.


  • Affected fish moves here and there restlessly.
  • The body of the affected fish get wounded due to worm.
  • Fish suffers by dyspnoea and float over water.
  • Rub their body with hard material near the shore.
  • Lastly, the fish become feeble and may die.


  • Apply 4kg dipterex per acre after every 7 days for twice.
  • Keep the pond free from snail or oyster.
  • Make a solution with 1ml formalin in 5 liter water and keep the fish there for 5-10 minutes.

Tail And Fin Rot Disease

Tail and fin rot disease of fish causes due to aeromonas bacteria. Almost all types of fish get infected by this disease, especially carp fish and shing fish affects much. Symptoms of tail and fin rot disease infected fish and its treatment method are described below.


  • The membrane of tail and fins of infected fish tear up due to tail and fin rot disease.
  • Body of the affected fish become pale colored due to reducing blood in their body.
  • White spots can be seen in the edge of their tail and fins.
  • Fish feel repugnancy consuming feed.
  • Slippery cover of their body get reduced.
  • Fungus grows in the wounded place like cotton.
  • Infected fish lost its balance and move here and there by shaking.
  • In acute condition of tail and fin rot disease the fins of the fish broke.


  • Cut off the fins of infected fish and wash it with 2% silver nitrate or 2.5% general salty water.
  • Feed the fish 25mg tetracycline by mixing with per kg food for 7 days.
  • Reduce the density of fish in the pond.
  • Apply lime in the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre.
  • 20mg tetracycline can be use as injection to the fish for each kg body weight.
  • Stop serving organic fertilizer for few days to stop this fish diseases.

Dropsy Disease In Fish

Dropsy disease in fish causes due to a bacteria named aeromonas. All types of big and small sized fish may get infected by this disease. But this disease harm the carp fish and shing fish most. Symptoms and treatment of this fish diseases are are described below.


  • Yellow or green liquid material may gather inside the body of fish.
  • Belly of infected fish get swelled seriously.
  • Fish loss its body balance.
  • Outflow excessive mucus from the body of fish.
  • Infected fish rub their body with something.
  • The fish move idly.
  • Float over the water for long period.
  • Fish loss appetite.
  • Slippery material get reduced from the body of fish.
  • Fins of the affected fish get curved.


  • Remove the liquid substance from the belly of fish by pressuring the belly with finger.
    Secondly, stop serving organic fertilizer for several days. This will help to control dropsy disease of fish.
  • Serve moderate nutritious food to the pond.
    Furthermore, reduce the density of fish from the pond.
  • Feed the fish 100mg streptomycin or terramycin by mixing with per kg feed after every 7 days.
  • Use lime to the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre. Do this after every 3 months.

Argulosis in Fish

Argulosis in fish can cause serious damage. Generally rui and some other carp fish get infected by a parasites which is called argulosis. It is visible in naked eye. The symptoms and treatment of argulosis infected fish are described below.


  • Firstly, affected fish suffers by blood-letting.
  • Secondly, lice stays in the body surface and fins of fish.
  • Small sized wound can be seen in the body of fish.
  • The growth of fish get reduced and body become feeble.
  • Also, this types of parasites is visible on fish by naked eye.
  • The fish rub their body with something strong.
  • Infected fish do frisking unstably occasionally.
  • Fish swim in the water restlessly.
  • Lastly, the wounded place by argulosis become red colored.


  • Firstly, keep the fish in 0.5 PPM dipterex solution for 24 hours after every one week.
  • If the fish affects much then apply 0.5 PPM dipterex directly to the pond. Apply this again after 15 days for second time.
  • Similarly, if needed remove the infected fish from the pond.
  • Apply lime to the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre.
  • Reduce the amount of organic fertilizer to the pond.
  • 25-30 PPM potassium permanganate solution is also very effective for removing argulosis from the fish.

White Spot Disease In Fish

White spot disease in fish is a parasitic disease. This disease seen in almost all species of fish. The expansion of this disease get reduced with the increment of temperature. A parasites named ichthyophthirius causes white spot disease in fish. Symptoms and treatment of this fish diseases are described below.


  • Small sized globular spots can be seen in the body and fins of fish.
  • Excessive mucus spill from the body of fish.
  • Fish breath frequently.
  • Rub their body with strong substance.
  • Infected fish die suddenly.
  • Float over the water for long time.
  • The don’t want to consume food.
  • They moves here and there idly.
  • Lastly, the fins of the infected fish get curved.


  • Keep the affected fish in a solution of 200 PPM general salt.
  • Apply 1 PPM methylene blue in the pond of infected fish.
  • Stop applying fertilizer in the pond for few days.
  • Apply lime to the pond occasionally.
  • Keep the infected fish in 0.1 PPM malachite green solution for 24 hours.

Malnutritious Disease of Fish

The symptoms which are shown in the fish due to lack of a specific food element is called malnutritious disease of fish. The fish suffers by malnutrition due to lack of regular and adequate nutritious food. The symptoms of the disease by malnutrition are described below.

General Symptoms of Malnutritious Disease

  • Growth of minnow get obstructed.
  • The head become big sized than their body.
  • Infected fish become blind.
  • The fish become feeble and die gradually due to lack of sufficient food.
  • Some place of the body of fish get curved.
  • Sometimes the infected fish become malformed.
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Malnutritious fish diseases are of two types.

  1. Lack of Vitamin

The symptoms due to lack of important vitamin in fish are listed below.

  • Vitamin A:

The eyes of fish get swelled due to lack of vitamin A. Belly of the affected fish get swelled by gathering liquid material in it. In acute lacking the fish may blind permanently.

  • Vitamin D:

Erosion and ravage of kidney happen due to lack of vitamin D. Along with this the rate of hemoglobin in the body fish get reduced.

  • Vitamin E:

Due to lack of vitamin E the color of fish become blackish, eyes get swelled and the fish feels no appetite.

  • Vitamin K:

Vitamin K helps to froze the blood. If the fish suffers by lacking of this vitamin then it will suffer by blood-letting when any place of the fish will wound.

  • Vitamin B1:

Due to lack of vitamin B1 the fish moves unnaturally. And the fish feels no appetite.

  • Vitamin B2:

The fish become blackish colored for lacking of vitamin B2. Blood outflow from the skin and fins of fish. The eyesight of fish also get reduced.

  • Vitamin B3:

Fishes moves unnaturally due to lack of this vitamin. Gill of fish get swelled and the intestine get wounded. Water accrued inside the belly.

  • Vitamin C:

It takes long time to desiccate the wounded place of fish due to lack of vitamin C. Along with this unnatural structure of gill lamellae of fish can be seen due to lack of this vitamin.

Lack of Minerals

Mineral salt is a must for fish. Fish generally consumes mineral salt directly from the water with food. But a large amount of mineral salt outflow from their body with their urinary excretion. As a result they suffers by lack of mineral salt. The necessary minerals for fish is calcium, phosphorus, zink and iodine. The symptoms due to lack of those minerals are described below.


Lack of calcium obstacle the growth of fish. It also damage the structure of bone.
Phosphorus: Lack of phosphorus causes metabolism problem in fish and structure of bone interrupted.


The fish may become blind due to lack of sufficient zink.
Iodine: The thyroid gland of fish get swelled due to lack of iodine and damage its efficiency. As a result the fish suffers by goitre disease.

Always provide the fish sufficient food enriched with protein, mineral salt, vitamin etc.

General Prevention Method Of Fish Diseases

Fish generally get infected by various types of diseases in its life. Harmful environment, adverse aquatic condition, various types of virus etc. causes diseases in fish. And this diseases causes a lot of harm to successful fish farming. So, the farmer must have to be careful about proper care and management of fish.

The general prevention method of fish diseases are listed below.

  • Firstly, keep the environment of pond or stream favorable for fish farming.
  • Always keep the qualities of soil and water suitable for fish.
  • Always stock healthy, strong and high quality minnow in the pond.
  • Similarly, stock minnow in proper density.
  • The pond for fish farming will be placed in open place and free from aquatic weeds.
  • Also, the pond must be free from all types of unwanted and harmful fish or animals.
  • Don’t let flood water entrancing in the pond.
  • Ensure sufficient supply of fertilizer and supplementary fish feed in the pond regularly.
  • Make the pond germ free by using lime in the pond 2 or 3 times a year.
  • Also, test the health of fish by pulling net at least once per month.
  • Remove the disease infected fish from the pond.
  • The net used in infected pond should dry well before using it to another pond.
  • Keep balance between number of stocked fish and stocking power of pond.
  • If somehow disease affect the farm take necessary steps or call doctor.
  • Lastly, Don’t forget to provide your fish nutritious food always.

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Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure

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Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure

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Fish Diseases|Management Practices And Cure

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