Fish Farming Is Easier On A Mobile Fish Ponds

Fish Farming is easier on a Mobile Fish Ponds, says many fish farmers. Chris Chima a daily times reporter makes these know to fish farmers in Benin. Oftentimes, farmers and producers goes in for trainings and seminar on Agribusiness innovations. One of such meetings, Chris Chima of Chris Farm Nigeria brought this to the notice of the house. Call or WhatsApp him on +234 803 692 5718

Life As A Fish Farmer Is Easier Now With Mobile Fish Ponds

Furthermore, stating it categorically clear that; Life as a fish farmer has become easier as most people now do fish farming on a mobile fish pond. No more digging, liming and fish loses during fish harvest from an earthen pond. Self-management on our fish ponds are now easier.  The issues of flood, high current tides has become history since we engage mobile fish pond farming. Our fishes are clean and neat. Similarly, we can now easily apply treatment on our ponds. We are encouraging others to join us in the use of Mobile Fish pond today to enjoy fish farming. Learn more

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Don’t Buy Inferior Mobile Fish Ponds

There is need to know that there are several inferior product of mobile fish ponds in the market now. Oftentimes, people ends up with the inferior ones that get bad easily. It will surprise you that ours has lasted over 10years without issues. Nevertheless, we were once a victim of such inferior mobile ponds. We lost 10,000 post fingerlings stock on this ponds on one day. We wouldn’t want you to experience that. This is why you should contact Chris Farm Nigeria on +234 803 692 5718 for a durable mobile fish pond.

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