Fish Farming At Your Home

Fish Farming At Your Home is a free guide. Intuitively, fish Farming With A Business Plan is what makes millions. Fish production and marketing is a lucrative business. This makes lots of million when produced in large quantity. Similarly, opening a company for this business needs capital. Professional Business plan and a feasibility study writing is a must. This has the propensity to give you a Loan, grant or investor signups. Watch our videos tag; difference between a feasibility study and a business plan to get a clear understanding. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report

Fish Farming At Your Home

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Fish farming is the principle form of aquaculture, which other method fall under Mari culture. Intuitively, fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks, concrete pond, and earthy pound or enclosures, usually for food.

The world most important fish species used in fish farming are carp, salmon tilapia and catfish. There is an increasing demand for fish and fish protein, which has resulted in widespread over-fishing in wild. Similarly, fish farming involves nurturing of fish from fingerling to adult table size suitable for scale and consumption. The following are the basic requirements for a successful growing – out farming.


1.     Earthen pound.
2.     Concrete pound
3.     Tarpaulin pond
4.     Plastic pound


Concrete pound are constructed using concrete materials (blocks, cement, sand etc.) of this there different type are in operations and they are: stagnant concrete system, free flow concrete system and re-circulatory concrete system.


It is constructed in a way where water once pumped in will remain until when you notice that the water is bad before you change it this type of pound compared to other concrete types is cheaper to construct and maintain but in terms of stocking capacity, fish growth and output, it gives least result regarding performance. Stocking density is between 10 – 20 fish per square meter.

This pound system, works on the principle that fresh water flow into the pound continuously, while waste water from the pound flow out continuously discharge into the waste pit. The running of the water is not necessarily continuously for 24h0urs every day rather it can be made to run slopped intermittently every 4 – 6 hours. The major short come of this system is that water wastage is very high in which case it may not be very feasible when constant water availably is not guaranteed. But the benefits are tremendous. Firstly, stocking capacity is near equal to that of the re circulatory pound system. Stocking density is between 50 – 100 fish per square meter.

The pound type is such that there is a complete water refining and circulation. The principle behind this type of pound system is such that, there is high water reservoir tanks enter into the pound and at the same time water waste is discharged from the pound into a refining  BIO chamber from where it’s passed through a series of sedimentation tanks. This pound type is the most advanced in term of water efficiency, stocking capacity, water quality and percentage of dissolve oxygen in the pound. The output weight whatever cost and maintains implications this is because the stocking capacity is higher, fish growth is faster, the harvest period is shorter and water consumption is lesser. Stocking density is between 100 – 350 fish per square meter.


This type of pound is limited to area where there is clay soil and underground water source only. In essence this type of pound is best sited in swampy areas, where there is freshwater source, whose sand is solid enough to construct the dyke. It could also be site on a slope or a flat land with clay soil and fresh water source. The major problem of this type is “security” if fencing or security is not employed, you may lose your investment and sorting is very cumbersome.
However, it is cheaper to construct, possible of a large stocking capacity, fish growth is very rapid and size bigger, profitability is higher and environment is more conductive for aquaculture. However, stocking density is very low between 5 – 10 fish per square meter.
Having analysis the various fish pound systems, it is hereby advised that before you consider which type of operate, you have to consider the following: size of the investment / operation whether you want to do it on full or part time what basic resources do you have in place.
The growth of a fish depends on the nature of the water and the type of feed they eat. The feed takes the major capital invested on fish production.


Disease can be defined as a state of deviation from normal to abnormal in living organism. There are many disease that affect catfish, it can be cause by internal or external factors. Internal factors are hereditary, age of the fish.
External factors: These diseases are cause through feed intake, poor water quality e.g. PH, Temperature salinity turbidity, nutritional deficiency and Pre disposing factor e.g. injure.


They are classified into two types pathogenic and nutritional


At the larvae stage, fishes are said to be in their non – feeding age, they depend on the left over yolk sac for its nutrients and this periods the fish air bladder and its internal organs are develop. Fish from the day of hatching to next four (4) days is regarded as larvae.


After the larvae stage is friers. When the friers have completely feed on their yolk sac, they are now feed with ‘Artemia shell free’. This will  Day 1 – day 3 they should be allow to feed on their yolk. Day 4 – day 11 they firstly are feed with anthemia and wither foreign food of 0.2mm 

Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


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General Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

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More Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Similarly, it shows how much it will cost you to own your desired business, what your money can afford. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output. Likewise, how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital. Lastly, this will give the intending business person or investor or farmer, a vivid idea on the possible benefit he or she stands to gain, when he or she starts doing the business. However, the intending business person or investor or farmer will not need a soothsayer to make decision for him or her.


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