Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business is all you need. A good Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business gives you a turn over faster. Actually, Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business is more emphasized on Earthen ponds. If you are using earthen ponds for fish farming, then, you need more management skills to input. Protecting the ponds from predators, weeds, thieves, high tides and several others. Furthermore, other ponds like concrete, Tarpaulin, Plastics and others needs management also. But, is not as intense like the Earthen ponds.

Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

More To Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

Before discussing about pond management we have to know what is a pond? Generally a pond means a small collection of still water. The pond is seen almost all areas of the world. It is mostly seen in the village area. Some are also found in city area. People use the pond for different purposes. Most of those pond are used for fish cultivation. Almost all types of freshwater and saltwater fish for ponds are cultivated in the ponds. Successful fish farming depends on the pond ecosystem. The source of water can be a river, lake or other natural way like rain water and underground water.

Water Source

Water source can be different but it have to have the facilities of changing weekly or monthly. It would be better if it has the facilities of replacing after every two to three months. For highest fish production, the pond water should change or replace only when it would lost from evaporation or seepage. If the farmer change the whole water of the pond more and more it will reduce his production. The pond can be different sized. It can be a small one or a pond of numerous hectares. Small pond design are made for meet up family animal protein supply or consumption. On the other hand the larger pond are made for commercial purposes. But a pond of giant size is not suitable for well maintenance. Before pond construction you should keep in mind about the pond culture, pond design, pond management and the pond supplies system.

Building Ponds

Natural resources, condition, weather and available equipment are the main thing to look before building a pond. The farmer should build a pond where the land is situated with a gentle slope. The pond may be square or rectangular but you have to make sure that it will be free from entering water from other source and the water will never go out. The water label of the pond will always be same according to the species of the fish and it will be better if there is a resource of water where sufficient water is available all time. The pond also have to be well drained to remove all water while collecting the fish. The shore of the pond should wide enough for reducing the erosion problem.

Pond Protection

For preventing your pond fish from the thief, you should construct the pond near your residence as much as possible. The another way to keep your fish free from being theft, keep bamboo poles or tree branches with thorns in the pond, it will make impossible to collect fish with net. The bamboo poles and tree branches will not only prevent the fish from being theft but also it will serve the fish some extra natural foods. This system is generally known as periphyton based fish cultivation.

Things To Consider Before Building A Pond

Do not build a pond where the minnow is rare. The pond plants must have to be maximum. Pond plants reduces the food cost of fish cultivation. The pond ecosystem will be fish cultivation friendly. It will be free from all types of ammonia gas and full supply of oxygen. Different types of ducks can be raised in the pond and it will make sufficient oxygen supply for the fish.

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Before build a pond you have to give attention in some subject. What should you do before contracting a pond are described below.

Size of the Pond

The size of the pond depends on your farming type. If you want to cultivate fish to meet up your family needs, you can start in a small pond design. If you want to cultivate fish commercially you have to make a large one. The pond can be both square and rectangular sized. Square and rectangular sized pond are easy to build. A pond with an area of 250-300 square meter is best for family used fish pond. In commercial purposes the pond size can be any. The size of the pond should be right that which you can easily maintain.


The water depth will be 30% in one corner and 100% in another corner. Depth of the water depends on the species of fish you are cultivating. The depth of the pond can be more if you want to use it for reserving water for the dry season. What ever the depth of the pond can be but it have to have the well facilities of draining. A well drained pond is suitable for collecting fish.

Pond Constructing Process

Pond constructing process is the most difficult and expensive way of fish farming. A pond should construct well because it is a long deposit and a pond can be used for several years. So, think more and more before building a pond.

  • Select a suitable place for making the pond.
  • Determine the appropriate area of the pond.
  • Make the shore of the pond strong.
  • It would be better if there are no big tree near the pond.
  • Make an inlet and outlet path.
  • Make the pond fertilized before releasing minnow there.
  • Build the pond near your residence.
  • Stock minnow according to the area of your pond.
  • Make the pond where at least one natural water source is available around the year.
  • Determine the area of pond which you can easily maintain.

Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond

Catfish Farming has moved into Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond. Farmers says that is the easiest way to do fish farming business. Firstly, Fish Farming is now easy and lucrative with Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond. Intuitively, is the innovative way of doing fish farming Business with easy. Likewise, doing fish farming business in the comfort of your home. Are you a tenant or a landlord? You can now do your fish farming anywhere. Call Us Today Or Chat Us Up On What’s App On +2348036925718 To Get Your Own Delivered To You.

More To Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond

Furthermore, Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond has come to stay. Do you have an empty land you propose for something? And the funds is not yet handle? Start up a Fish Farm there. Our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond does have any negative impact on your land. Also, No digging or construction works. All you need to do is to install it there. That’s is why it is called Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond. we got you covered when it comes to fish farming business.

Our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond

Firstly, We sell various sizes of Tarpaulin collapsible Mobile fish pond in Nigeria. Do worry about your location. We supply our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond to any part of Nigeria. We supply according to your specification which is determined by the space available.

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Features of our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond

  • Our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond are fordable.
  • it is made from a PVC material
  • It is more ideal for those who live in urban areas with little space available for your fish farm.
    Also, grows fish very fast and can be used for fish culture in any environment.
  • Likewise, our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond are all moveable (mobile)
  • Similarly, cheaper than concrete made fish ponds.
  • Lastly, More people are using this tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria.

Quality Of Our Tarpaulin Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond

1. Tarpaulin Material

First look at the material. Some people use tarpaulin and other grades of tarpaulin for fish farming. But in reality, the best types are the grade-A materials also known as the trailer Tarpaulin. It is actually HDPE, high density polyethylene. It is reinforced with fibers inside and can last for up to 10 years if well handled.

Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

2 Things To Look Out For In The Liners.

  • The length.

This is tricky. A 4ft pond should not have a 4ft liner. It should be at least a 4ft 2 inches in length. This is to allow the material to seat properly on the floor. The material must be big enough just to have a little extra. This way the weight of the water would be on the floor and not on the material or on the frames.

  • The sealing.

Some people use gum to seal tarpaulins. But with the newly imported tarpaulin sealing machine, we are able to seal the tarpaulin into different sizes we want. People now seal the tarpaulin for large sizes even for earthen ponds as earthen fish pond liners, to lay inside leaking concrete ponds, to retain water in leaking soils e.t.c

3. The Frames of the pond.

People think Iron frames are the best, over Wood frames or PVC Pipe frames. I think they are all useful for different purposes. You can use them for different aspects of fish farming, building a hatchery, smoking size fishes, grow out fishes or brood stock ponds.

To identify the best tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria, the frames must not be rickety. It must be strong and reinforced on all sides.

Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

  • Drainage

The drainage, this is tricky. There are different types of drainage systems. The exit valves and the chambered flushing system. It is always best to get a plumber to come and attach the drainage of your pond for you.

Fish Pond Management For Successful Farming Business

Order For Your Own Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond Today Via Chatting Us Up On Whap’s App (+2348036925718)

We offer tarpaulin type mobile/portable fish pond which help to avoid the high cost and inconveniences common with concrete, plastic and earthen ponds. It can be installed and uninstalled. Thus, a suitable option for tenants, indoor/outdoor usage. Furthermore, It is suitable for backyard or small scale fish farms in the compound, as well as large scale projects. Similarly, it is also well adapted for common fish cultures (table and ornamental fishes).

Where To Put Cheap Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond?

Intuitively, you can make use of excess space in your compound by installing our Cheap Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond there. If you have empty land that you have not yet developed, you can convert it into a fish farm. There is no need of digging or construction on the land. So, you land is valid. That is to say; you can use your land anytime. All you need to do is to uninstall our Cheap Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond from the land. Then, you can use it for the purpose it is meet for.

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Fish Mobile Tarpaulin Ponds For Fish farming For Sale

Why Use Our Cheap Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond

  • Firstly, our product offers features of excellent tensile strength-from the galvanized mesh wire material, which can withstand tearing.
  • It’s the special grade of quality tarpaulin with a particularly high tensile strength that makes it suitable for tough applications, including fish pond construction; industrial and home water storage; rainwater harvesting, the construction of quality tents and makeshift shelters, as well as other innovative applications in place of concrete walls.
  • It is used with a combination of metal/reinforced pipes framework/support.
  • Adapted features for water supply (pipes) and water exit from the setup.
  • Finally, it is available in different colours

More On Fish Farming

There are several thousand species of fish in Nigeria. Secondly, there are so many you can culture with easy at your comfort zone. A practical example is catfish farming. Most species of catfish are cannibals. So, you have to take proper care during sorting them as outlined by their size. In case of fingerling outdoor culture, you have to prevent the predatory insects. You can ensure their protection by covering the tanks with mosquito nets. This will keep the predatory insects away from your fish. Polyculture of catfish with other common fish species like tilapia fish also very popular in Nigeria. Polyculture of catfish in tanks with tilapia or other fish species ensure proper use of supplementary feed and higher production.


For successful fish farming in Nigeria and better production, you have to feed the fish good and nutritious supplementary fish feed. Always ensure sufficient availability of amino acids like arginine, methionine, lysine and crude protein in their feed. Fishmeal is a great source of crude protein. You can also use some low cost conventional or unconventional animal by-products and plant residue in fish feed. Groundnut cake, soybean meat etc. are Plant residue those can fulfill the nutrient requirements of catfish. Nowadays, most of the fish farmers of Nigeria are using pelleted floating feeds. This types of food ensure all necessary nutrients for fish and help to increase growth rate and production.


Generally, artificial breeding through hormonal induction is used for catfish. After successful breeding, you have to take special care of the fry during the first week. During this time you can feed the larvae zooplankton. The main problem with catfish is their cannibalism. So, keep the different aged and sized fish separate from each other.

Fish Farming In Nigeria Generally

Fish farming in Nigeria is a great business idea. And the demand of catfish is increasing rapidly. Because, it is a great source of nutrition and food. And there is already a suitable market available. As a developing nation, fish farming in Nigeria can play a great contribution in the national income. The government have to create more and facilities for spreading fish farming business throughout the Nigeria.

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