Get A Loan For Your Business

Get A Loan For Your Business

Get A Loan For Your Business start up. Oftentimes, there are several opportunities around that can facilitate your business start up. There is need to be informed to grab such opportunities.

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In Nigeria, there are many financial institutions established to help poor masses to achieve their dreams of becoming self employed, small scale industry or farms owners. Likewise, many does not know how to go about getting this help. Similarly, some does not know how to go about applying for such loans.

Pre – Approval Checklist For Small & Medium Enterprise – Above ₦10 Million Via Get A Loan For Your Business

  1. Firstly, Formal Application on letterhead and duly completed loan application form.
  2. Likewise, Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and Forms CAC 2.5 (Allotment of Shares), CAC 2.3 (Particulars of Directors) and CAC 2.1 (Appointment of Company Secretary)
  4. Feasibility Study Report to include detailed Profile of the Company with Curriculum Vitae of the Directors and key Management Staff and write-up on technology/manufacturing process(s)/ Technical Partners
  5. Furthermore, Quotation/Proforma Invoice for the supply of items of Machinery and Equipment
  6. Sources and quotations for Raw Materials expressed in quantity and amount
  7. Means of Identification of the Chief Promoter and one other Director of the company:
(a)          Eight (8) passport photographs and Biometrics Verification Number (BVN).
(b)          Photocopy of International Passport or Driver’s License or National Identity Card or Permanent Voter’s Card
  1. Biometrics Verification Number (BVN) of major shareholders of the company.
  2. Three years’ Audited Financial Accounts and most recent Management Accounts from BOI accredited auditors (for existing business) or Statement of Affairs (for businesses less than one (1) year)
  3. Company’s Bank Statement(s) for a period of one (1) year (for existing business) 11. Declaration of Outstanding Liabilities to other Banks and Individuals
  4. Similarly, Security:
(a)          If Bank Guarantee, a letter of intent for Bank Guarantee from the Head Office of commercial bank issuing the guarantee.
(b)          If landed property is being pledged as security, then the following are to be provided:
(i)            Photocopy of the title document(s) to the property being pledged. This could be a Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of Sublease or Deed of Assignment/Conveyance
(ii)           Also, Evidence of payment of Ground Rent up to date
(iii)          Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) of the owner of the property obtained from the State where the property is located
(iv)         Valuation Report from one of BOI’s accredited valuers
(v)          Four (4) passport photographs and BVN of the property owner (for 3rd Party Legal Mortgage)
(vi)         Means of identification of the property owner (for 3rd Party Legal Mortgage)
(vii)        Letter of Consent signed by the property owner to mortgage property to BOI
(viii)       If the property is owned by a limited liability company different from the borrower, then Board Resolution of that company.
  1. If operating from a rented premises, lease agreement must have a tenor of at least one year beyond loan tenor.
  2. Furthermore, A copy of the draft Technical, Management, Machinery Supply and/or Joint Venture Agreement (where applicable).
  3. Three years’ Audited Financial Accounts and most recent Management Account from BOI accredited auditors (for existing business) or Statement of Affairs (for business less than one (1) year)
  4. Company’s Bank Statement for a period of one (1) year (for existing business)
  5. Three years’ Financial Statement of Accounts for Institutional Investors in the project or another company owned by the Chief Promoter
(where applicable)
  1. Lastly, Declaration of Outstanding Liabilities to other Banks and Individuals (if any)


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Post – Approval Checklist For Small & Medium Enterprise

Via Get A Loan For Your Business

  1. Firstly, Submission of Letter of Offer duly endorsed by a Director and Company Secretary or two (2) Directors 2. Letter of acceptance of Offer
  2. Secondly, Thirdly, Return of duly executed Loan Agreement
  3. Board Resolution authorizing borrowing
  4. Photocopy of the filed Annual Returns (up to date) of the Company at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  5. Also, Photocopy of the Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the Company and two of its Directors (if landed property is being pledged as security for the loan)
  6. Evidence of filling appointment of Company’s Secretary with CAC
  7. Furthermore, Security – Original title documents of landed property (Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of Assignment (registered)), Bank Guarantee
  8. Evidence of payment of fees (if applicable – appraisal, commitment and legal fees) 10. Letter of Attestation
  9. Letter showing specimen signature of the authorized signatories
  10. Lastly, Original proforma invoice(s) for the approved items


List Of Information Expected In The Feasibility Study

Via Get A Loan For Your Business

  1. Firstly, Information on the company’s activities since incorporation
  2. Secondly, Curriculum Vitae of shareholders with at least 5% holding of the company shares and their percentage shareholding
  3. Thirdly, Details of the project cost as well as the proposed financing plan with realistic assessment and evidence of availability of funds from each source
  4. Details of cost incurred on the project till date
  5. Also, Installed capacity and a detailed analysis of the annual cost of production and cash flow and balance sheet projections for at least the first five years with relevant assumptions
  6. Detailed technical information covering technology, production process etc.
  7. Information on Technical Partners, if any
  8. Comprehensive list of machinery required, giving detailed specifications, source(s) and prices
  9. Details of utility requirements and availability of essential services such as water, power, and transport around the project site
  10. Also, Detailed information on raw material requirements, their sources and unit cost
  11. Comprehensive list of manpower requirements broken down into categories and salaries
  12. List of existing management and staff including qualification, designation and annual remuneration (for expansion projects only)
  13. Detailed market study report, covering the following areas:
(a)          Supply analysis with information on names, location and installed capacities of existing and known potential competitors, import data for the product(s), trend of future supply (local + import)
(b)          Demand analysis comprising factors influencing demand, estimate of domestic demand, export potentials – all based on current and future trend
(c)           Similarly, Market prospects with information on existing planned marketing arrangements, distribution strategies, current and proposed selling prices vis-à-vis competitors, prices (local and import prices)
  1. For on-going projects, provide the existing, Expansion/Diversification and Consolidated projections covering Profit and Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Analysis and Balance Sheets for a period of five (5) years. Also provide the detailed information/data and assumptions used in the above projections


Banks that Can Assist You

Intuitively, banks that can asist you are listed below;

  • Bank Of Agric
  • Bank Of Industry
  • Commercial Banks
  • Micro Finance Banks
  • Cooperative Bank.
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Get A Loan For Your Business

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Bestselling book on fishery;

  • Firstly, how to own a catfish farm
  • How to manage a catfish farm
  • Lastly, how to own, manage, and make millions from catfish farming business (our best seller)

Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

  • Firstly, title Page
  • Secondly, Table of Content
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Preface
Chapter One: Introduction
   1.2       Why
is catfish different from other fishes?
  1.3       Fish classification
  •  Habitat
  • Morphology
Chapter Two:
  •  Giant Catfish of the World
  • Scientific classification
Chapter Three:
  • Catfish Family
  • Furthermore, Larval production
  • The culture system
  • Also, Feed and Feeding
  • Hybridization of catfish
  • Culture system modification
  • Finally, Prospect and problems of cultured fish
Chapter Four:
4.0       How to own a Mega fish farm Business
Chapter Five:
  • Pond
  • standard features of a fish pond
  • Types of pond
  • Earthen (Natural) Pond
  • Concrete Pond
  •  Tarpaulin/Plastic/Mobile Pond
  •  Step in fish Pond establishment
  • Important of liming
  • Fertilizing a pond
  • Fish Pond management
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Chapter Six:
  • Fish Stocking
  • Stocking of fish can take the form of mono/poly-culture
Chapter Seven:
  • channel catfish
  • Species of channel catfish
  • Life cycle of channel catfish
Chapter Eight:
  • The Electric Catfish
  • Feeding in electric catfish
  • Firing in electric fish
  • Importance tips in managing electric catfish
Chapter Nine:
  • African Giant catfish
  • Habits of African catfish in the wide
  • Natural spawning in the wide
  • Rearing of African giant catfish
Chapter Ten:
  • Spawning
  • Also, Hatching techniques in catfish
  • materials needed for (hatching) spawning
  • Likewise, Prerequisite for (Hatching) spawning in catfish
  •  Steps in (hatching) spawning
  • Some reasons why spawning (Hatching) falls
  • Also, Characteristics of catfish stages
  •  Transportation of catfish
Chapter Eleven:
  • Firstly, Fish Management
  • How to identify oxygen Depletion in ponds
  • Lastly, Questions most people ask about catfish management
Chapter Twelve:
  • Fish parasite and Diseases
  • Fish Disease
  • Causes of Diseases
  • Types of Disease
Chapter Three:
  • Firstly, fish preservation
  • Method of fish preservation
  • Fish salting
  • Drying and Dehydration
  • Also, fish smoking
  • How to smoke fish
Chapter Fourteen:
  • Firstly, How to make millions from catfish production
  •  Secondly, Advertising
  • Thirdly, Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Lastly, How to sustain millions in catfish business
List of figures
Firstly, fig.1.1 Labeled diagram of a typical tilapia fish
Secondly, fig 1.2 labeled diagram of a typical catfish
Thirdly, fig 1.3 Labeled diagram of a typical external anatomy of a tilapia fish
Fig 1.4 Labeled diagram of a typical external anatomy of a carpio cyprisnus
Also, fig 1.5 Labeled diagram of a typical internal anatomy of a tilapia fish
Similarly, fig 1.6 Typical example of catfish
Likewise, fig 8.1 Diagram of electric catfish organs
Likewise, fig 9.1 claries gariepinus sample
Fig 9.2 Heterobranchus Bidorsal Sample
Also, fig 10.1 Diagram on how to inject the catfish
Similarly, fig 10.2 Diagram on how to extract the milt (sperm) from catfish
Lastly, fig 10/3 Diagram on how to strip off eggs from catfish and
to fertilize them
List of tables
Firstly, table 2.1 scientific classification of catfish
Table 3.1 catfish families
Furthermore, table 5.1 table showing water retention in soil
Table 8.1 scientific classification of electric catfish
Also, table 9.1 African Giant catfish
PRICE: N 10, 000 (Ten thousand Naira


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