Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners

Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners

Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners guide.Firstly, there are many articles on Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners. Nevertheless, this free article covers; Feeding Goat Basically On Pasture, Handling Tips For Beginners, Pasture And Browsing, Goat Vitamins and minerals, Goat Hay, Goat Grain, Some Inevitable Rules of Goat Feeding, Goats on Pasture, Pasture & Goats, Feeding Goats in Stall, How to Feed Goats in Stall, Goat’s Regular Diet and others

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Your goats will not consume all plants and grasses from your pasture. Usually goats prefer to eat trees, weeds, scrubby bushes and various flowers more than they do grass. Sometimes these can’t meet up the nutritional demands of your goats. So, your goats will also need to be fed a ration of grain or other feed to make sure they are receiving a properly balanced diet. Goats are not maintenance-free and you have to be conscious about feeding your goats. And you also have to ensure enough nutrition for your goats in addition to allowing them to graze on forage in your pasture.

Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners

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Feeding Goat Basically On Pasture

Furthermore, a single goat will have relatively little effect on a large pasture. You should have at least two goats regardless of the size of your pasture land. Because goats are social animal and they need social interaction to be happy and grow perfectly. You need to have at least a small herd of goat, if you want to reap the benefits of having goats on your pasture. And it also takes the goats a significant amount of time for grazing down an area. From a herd of goats you can’t expect overnight pasture improvements. You will likely still have to take the time to clear away leftover brush or to get rid of vegetation your goats find unpalatable.

Handling Tips For Beginners

Among the ruminant animal goat is one of the most useful animals because of its multifunctional utility. It gives us not only milk, meat and skin but also it is easy to rear. The success of goat farming depends on food management. For this reason, a farmer should know goat food management and how to manage it. Basically goat food management means providing food for the proper and desired growth in different ages and in different seasons. Besides, the natural food goats also need vitamins, energy, protein etc. Imbalance of vitamins, minerals may be a cause of great harm. For this reason a farmer should know a well thought and scientific feeding system of goat. Before making goat farm have some knowledge about what to feed goats.

Pasture And Browsing

The most efficient source of nutrients which is urgent for goat is pasture and browse. Pasture contains a high amount of energy and protein. Pasture plants also increase the tastiness and digestibility. Bahia grass, Sudan grass, millet, a mixture of a grain grass, sorghum, grass and clover are the most pasture of goats. Browse that helps to be advanced in protein than general pasture during the early part of grazing season. If goats browse freely, they will remain free from internal parasites.
Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners

Goat Hay

In the winter season, the most important source of nutrition is hay. Goat should feed qualified grass based hay that does not contain mold. Weedy hay is so beneficial because it is not only cheap, but also containing a large amount of nutrition. Different kinds of hays are found, among those legume hays alfalfa, lespedeza and clover are enriched in protein.

Goat Vitamins and minerals

Goats need a lot of minerals. Salt, phosphorus and calcium contain minerals which is useful for goats. Farmer should provide a pre-mix of loose minerals that goats prefer so much. Goats don’t need a lot of vitamins. Goats need vitamins A, D and E.

Goat Grain

If a man cannot find good feed of goats, he can provide a good 12%_16% course grain for goats. To increase the growth weight farmer should provide creep feeding and complementary feeding of kids to goat. Grain gives two elements which are Carbons and protein. Corn, rye, moil, oats, barley, corn are known as cereal grains that provide Carbons or energy. Protein supplements originate from animals and plants that include soybean meal, fish meal, cottons meal etc.

Garden And Kitchen Scrap

Generally garden and kitchen scraps are used in compositors’ purpose. But this compost can be used as goat feed because it acts as an onion ends good diet of goat. Orange peels, banana peels, Garlic skins, tomato ends, etc that means all kinds of vegetable and fruits cuttings are regarded as garden and kitchen scraps. Goats do not eat only one thing that is egg shells. For this reasons it should not be given to goats. Egg shells can be given to chicken to eat. Goats also love to eat these scarps and it is a good nutritional supplement to their diets. There is no reason to be worried to give to eat goats. It does not harm goats.

Don’t Feed Goats With The Following
Intuitively, Several farmers give unhygienic and outrageous things to goat as feeds. These actually cause harm to Goat in the nearest future.


Goats are ruminants; they like to browse and feed on grass, tree, and bark.  Nevertheless, goats have an interest on paper (because they are made from wood). Similarly, these has negative effect on Goat on the long run.  Secondly, Cigarettes. Don’t feed your Goats with Cigarette. There is a saying that cigarette keeps Goat warm. There are several ways to keep your Goat warm. So, don’t feed them with Cigarette.

Dog Feed

Goats are not Dogs, i don’t see the reason for feeding them with Dog feeds. Dogs can be carnivore but Goat are not. Don’t feed your goat with dog feed. Goat are ruminant animals, so, they can’t feed like Dogs.

Cat Feed

Cat and goat is two different animals. Cats and Dogs can be carnivorous, but not Goat. Goats are ruminants and they like to regurgitate their food back to their mouth for proper chewing. This is why the Goat like chewing their mouth. Furthermore, Goat often feed on pasture and regurgitate back to the mouth for proper chewing. Nevertheless, there are some pastures that are dangerous to Goat. Some of these are; wilted cherry, peach and plum leaves, poke weed, nightshade, and crotalaria.

Some Inevitable Rules of Goat Feeding

  • Farmer should concern about good bodily condition of every goat in the herd so that no goat become too thin and too fat.
  • Goat feed must be stored in safe place before feeding.
  • Make sure that stored feed is protected from vermin, damp, contamination.
  • Provided food must be hygienic and it should be presented in a hygienic way so that every goat can share it.
  • The most important part of diet is good hay.
  • Make ensure that half of the diet is coming from forage.
  • Adequate green feed, vitamins, concentrates, minerals, water, balanced diet is the key to success of a goat Farming
  • Any change of feed habit must be occurred gradually.
  • Make ensure colostrum for kids without delay after giving birth kids.
  • Availability of pure drinking water is inevitable for goats.
  • To ensure feed for all goats, make a notice and routine so that no goat abstains from taking feed.
  • Farmer must keep contaminated feed and water away from goats.

Effects of Goats on A Pasture

Do you know what are the effects of goats on a pasture? You should learn and it’s very important that you understand the effects of goats on a pasture, if you want to use your goats for agricultural purposes, such as land maintenance. You have to learn about the effects that a goat or a few goats will have on your pasture, before bringing your first goat home.

Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners on Pasture

Usually goats are not lawn mowers. That’s why you should not consider the goats as the best and time saving alternative for mowing the grass or weeds from your pasture land. Here we are trying to describe more about the effects of goats on a pasture.

Pasture & Goats

Goats usually love to graze on pasture land by nature. And they are very useful for clearing the brush and weeds out of a pasture. They help to prepare the land for using again for other animals such as cows and horses. Goats are perfect animal for clearing unwanted grass and plants, if your pasture is full of undesirable brush. At the same time, goats turned loose in a well-maintained pasture will typically wreak havoc on bushes and trees while leaving the grass to grow tall. However, goats don’t stand in one place and continuously mow grass and plats from different places. Usually goats wander frequently and they graze in small sections. While grazing, they create uneven patches of cleared brush and weeds while leaving other sections scruffy.
Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners


Goats provide excellent fertilization for your pasture while browsing. They consume grains and forage and then excrete them. Goat fecal matter provides a good source of nutrients for your land, grass and other plants.

Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners in Stall

Some commercial goat producers used to raise goats in stall feeding system. And stall feeding system is considered as one of the best and most profitable goat farming system (especially for commercial goat producers). But always remember that, goats do their best if they have facilities to go out in the pasture, grazing on various types of greens, shrub, leaves and forage throughout the day. But in some areas around the world, people don’t have the facility to let their goats spending their days grazing on various types of greens and tasty looking plants or leaves. If you are among those areas, then you have to depend on stall feeding Goat system.

How to Feed Goats in Stall

In stall fed goat farming system, try to feed your goats balanced diet that is enriched with all necessary nutrients and that can absolutely meet all their nutritional demands.

Goat’s Regular Diet

Naturally goats become happy and stay healthy by consuming various types of greens, which are available in the nature. This type of natural diet includes weeds, shrub plants, grasses, leaves etc. Adding some extra additives with natural diet, will ensure good health, proper growth and maximum production.
Goat Feeding And Handling Tips For Beginners
Goat producers usually provide their goats grain and hay (in captivity) for maintaining regular growth and a healthy weight. Providing hay and grain with their other feeds, ensure that their goats are getting all required nutritional demands. A combination of free choice plants and grasses and less amount of free choice hay and grain is considered as the best and healthy pasture diet for the productive goats. So, if you have pastures, then let your goats graze on the grasses and plants and limit the scoop of hay and grain for better result

Stall Feeding

In stall feeding system, goats don’t have the facility of grazing to meet up their nutritional demands by themselves. So, you have to provide them balanced diet with all types of necessary nutrient available. You have to replace grazing with various types of forage. You can provide them highly protein enriched grain and high quality hay (for example peanut or alfalfa). Never feed your goats more than 1.5 to 2 pounds of grain daily. Because feeding more grain can result slow growth. Instead, add more high quality hay in their regular diet, if you notice that your goats are not maintaining an adequate weight. In some areas, it’s very difficult to serve the goats sufficient amount of greens. In this case you can provide them specially prepared feed that can meet up the demand of greens. You can feed them hay mixed with urea and molasses.

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Follow the steps below for preparing hay mixed with urea and molasses.

  • Take 1 kg chopped hay or dried grass.
  • 220 grams molasses.
  • 30 grams urea and
  • 600 ml fresh and clean water.
  • Mix the urea and molasses with water.
  • Then mix that mixer with the chopped hay or grass.
  • You are done! Now it’s ready for feeding your goats.
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This type of processed dry feeds are easily digestible, contain more fiber and very suitable for goat health (especially very suitable for castrated goats). You can try feeding your goats this processed dry feed if you are raising them for meat purpose.

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Minerals play a vital role in your goat’s health. Adding necessary minerals are must for raising goats in stall feeding system. Because in stall feeding system, feed additives are limited and you have to ensure necessary minerals by adding it with your goat’s regular feed. You can add loose mineral mixture or mineral block with your goat’s feed.


Sufficient amount of clean and fresh water is very important for raising goats, especially if you raise them in stall feeding system. Provide your goats plenty of fresh and clean water regularly. On an average an adult goat need more than 1 litter of fresh drinking water daily. Although it depends on the breeds. Some plants and pasture greens contain their own moisture and your goats will need less water. But some feeds like grains and hay are often quite dry and provide little amount of water or moisture content. If you feed your goats hay or grain, they will need more water. Goats may become dehydrated or sick if they are deprived of sufficient amount of water. So, always make a clean and fresh water source available.

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