How To Move Your Pigs / Get A Business Plan

How To Move Your Pigs / Get A Business Plan

How To Move Your Pigs / Get A Business Plan free guide. Firstly, Once you’ve bought your pigs you’ll need to get them home. Although young pigs are small. Bear in mind that they can be strong, boisterous, produce extremely smelly dung and don’t have any obvious “handles”. They also make an incredible amount of noise – an ear-splitting shriek – when being handled. Fortunately, 
they turn it off as soon as you put them down. 

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How To Move Your Pigs / Get A Business PlanTry not to handle them within earshot of the sow, which might just spring to their defense. The easiest way to move young pigs is simply to pick them up by the back legs, with their back against you, and carry them. Even at eight weeks, weaners are heavy so try and get the trailer as close as possible.

Ideally, a trailer is best but whatever you use, it must be able to be properly cleaned and disinfected and should have a non-slip floor, so that the piglets don’t hurt themselves. For a few weaners, a large trailer is too big and they may hurt themselves, so use hurdles to keep them in an enclosed area. When you get the piglets home, keep them in a small area overnight to let them settle down. The following day you start getting used to them.

How to get pigs to the abattoir

Keep in mind the issue of transport at the other end of the enterprise.  While a couple of weaners are just fine in a puppy cage, it won’t do for a couple of porkers. If you can, it’s a good idea to get your pigs used to loading prior to the day you are taking them to the abattoir.
From Day 1, call them to be fed and get them used to the sound of food rattling in a bucket. A few days before you need to load them, feed them in the trailer or at least on the ramp, then in the trailer the next day. If you can do this, it will make the real thing much less stressful for you and the pigs.
Adult pigs are usually moved using a board to guide them and a stick to tap them with to keep them moving. If you are building a race to move them along, make sure it has solid sides and is fixed at ground level – if a pig can see through it, it will try to push through and remember a pig uses its snout a lot, so it’s very powerful – easily able to lift a poorly fixed hurdle or barrier.


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How To Move Your Pigs / Get A Business Plan

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