Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country

Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country

Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country is a free guide. Intuitively, every living thing has the right to adequate food and the right to be free from hunger. The right to adequate food is when a man, woman and child has the physical and economic access to food or means of procuring at all times (Ogunshakin, 2015).
Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country

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Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country

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With the high level of poverty and unemployment rates in the country, it is no news that large numbers of Nigerians are not feeding well enough to have the required amount of micronutrients in their diets. intuitively, Nigeria, which was once believed to be the giant of African with 12.1 million people in a state of hunger tops list of 11 Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) countries which have over one million people each affected by hunger and under-nourishment, And the latest stroke that is breaking the camel’s back on the current Speaking during the World Food Day celebration in Abuja on October 2015, where the Country Director Action Aid, Ojobo Atuluku, disclosed that even with an increased 3.7 per cent growth in food production, the nation was still grappling to address the annual growth in demand for food, as when compared to 6.5 per cent growth in the annual demand for food in Nigeria. Looking at this scenario with its severe tornado which is accompanied with its public ridicule, we all must say “NO” to it, for enough is enough of these mockeries. For it is very possible to end hunger in our lifetime via a combine effort of the Government and the people in maximizing agricultural production in every state in order to alleviate hunger from Nigeria even before a decade, 2030. 
Hunger Alleviation For Nigeria Or For Any Other Country


Furthermore, Maximizing agricultural production, (MAP) is an innovation targeted, on bridging the gaps between rural and urban communities, in order to encourage and improve agricultural productions, via helping the local farmers with improved varieties, (SEEDS), from research centers, agricultural ministries, and transferring their agricultural products to urban communities or factories, where they are needed the most for maximum profiting, thereby fighting hunger and starvation, unemployment and youth restiveness, unstable economy and many more, in our economy. This was exactly what Ghana explored and today, according to the report published by the International Food Policy Research Institute, IFPRI, in 2013, showed that Ghana has a lower hunger threat of 7.8 compare to Nigeria (with all her natural endowment) which was 14.7, the same people we drove out of our country when we were enjoying our oil boom in 1983, saying; “Ghana must go”.
Intuitively, the unique value of Maximizing agricultural production, (MAP), is to develop a sustainable, cost effective system of production that enhances the environment which will be on the principle of synergy and negative entropy otherwise referred to as; zero emission research initiative (ZERI). That is to say that; the waste in one sector becomes an input in another sector thereby ensuring that nothing is wasted.

Furthermore, this innovation is a universal innovation, which can be applied in any economy where there are producers and consumers. It can start from one rural community, and then extend to other rural communities, until it covers the whole economy eradicating and alleviating hunger in Nigeria before 2025. Unlike other innovation program that does not have sustainability life spam, that ends up as soon as the ruling government or party leaves the office, (like; Youwin). Furthermore, this innovation is different from other competitive products because, it does not seek its own, but for the betterment of the economy at large.
Any plan for agricultural development for a country needs to be made up of separate plans for different agricultural regions within the country. This was how agriculture production was maximized before the oil boom in 1980. Similarly, eastern Nigeria was a major producer of palm oil, west was a major producer of cocoa, and the Northern part was a major producer of groundnuts, hinds and skins. These gave massive export of our agricultural production and income generated from these products were used to maintain the economy of Nigeria. Looking at Ghana as a practical example, they just started with cocoa, and they made it in the long run, left alone, we that have cocoa, rubber, palm oil, groundnut, maize and many other agricultural products that include plants and animals, that is to say, we have a better hope in agriculture, if we engage “Maximizing Agricultural Production”, (MAP) in eradicating and alleviating hunger in our country Nigeria.
Likewise, extension Sensitization is the penetrating strategy to break-even in the rural communities as improved varieties are used as tools to encourage them. Using the project life cycle to monitor, implement, supervise and evaluate the process, there will be increased production of food that will alleviate hunger even before 2025. Finally, engage the principle of bridging the gaps between rural and urban communities, via transferring improved variety (SEEDS) to rural communities and harvested agricultural product to where they are needed (most times urban “communities”), As a result, creating more job opportunities on both sides (rural and urban communities) thereby controlling overpopulation in urban communities as well as developing rural communities, giving a balance in our economy
What shall we do if oil exploration fails? When over 80% of our income comes from oil exploration with it trillions of Naira rolling out annually, yet the Nigeria Government are still begging for bailout fund to pay state debts. Similarly, you will agree with me that “Maximizing Agricultural Production”, (MAP) in all states in Nigeria is a sure way to alleviate hunger in Nigeria. So, let’s join hands, and make this innovation a reality.
1.   Firstly, African Union Summit /Assembly of Heads of State on Theme of Agriculture
and Food Security.
2.       Karo Orovboni: Ghana must go? Ghana has gone and become great!  
3.       Ogunshakin, N. (2015) World Food Day 2015:

5.       WFD
communication toolkit and promotional materials
PLEASE NOTE; as an innovation practitioner ,
am open to new ideals, so, this innovation concept is open for better
modifications, Teamwork or sponsorship from any organization all over the world in other to make it a reality.

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