Maize Farming / Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report

Maize Farming / Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report

Maize Farming / Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report is free for all. As a matter of facts, this is a free guide on Maize Farming / Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report. We looked into suitable Maize soil, climate, seed Treatment, Soil Preparation and Transplanting. Furthermore, we digressed into manures and fertilizers, Disease and Pest Management. Similarly, Weed Control, Harvest and Yield were also addressed. 

A to Z on Maize Farming/Processing Business

Furthermore, we dealt with the A to Z on Maize Farming/Processing Business. Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report is a sure way to make profit in your business venture. Actually, is what you need to see your business trends. Every investors want to see it. As a matter of facts, it is a prerequisite for loan, grant and Investors guide. Contact us today to get one for yourself. 


Maize/Processing In Nigeria

Firstly, Nigeria produces approximately 8 million metric tonnes of Maize per year. Similarly, Maize is one of the most versatile emerging crops having wider adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. Globally, Maize is known as queen of cereals because it has the highest genetic yield potential among the cereals. It is cultivated on nearly 150m ha in about 160 countries having wider diversity of soil, climate, biodiversity and management practices that contributes 36% (782 MT) in the global grain production. 


Intuitively, Maize grow successfully in variety of soils, ranging from loam-sand to clay-loam. However, soils with good organic matter content having high water holding capacity with neutral pH are good for higher productivity

Fertilizer Management

Likewise, Maize hybrids are responsive to nutrients applied either through organic or inorganic sources. The rate of nutrient application depends mainly on soil nutrient status/balance and cropping system.

Application of 120-150 kg N (Indorama Urea)

Similarly, 264-330 kg/ha) @, 70-80 kg P2O5, 70-80 kg K2O and 25 kg ZnSO4 ha isperfect. Full doses of P, K and Zn are applied on the basal. Preferably, drilling of fertilizers in bands along the seed using seed-cum-Fertilizer drills.
  • Firstly, apply Nitrogen (Indorama Urea) in splits for higher productivity and use efficiency.
  • Secondly, Nitrogen application at grain filling results in better grain filling
  • One or two sprays of 2% Indorama Urea and application of micro-nutrient mixture can be given in 3-5 week-old crops to restore the vigor which may have received setback because of delayed weeding and inadequate drainage.
  • Similarly, applied Fertilizers10-12cm away from the base of the plant to advert plant injury. Soon after application, cover the Fertilizer on the soil surface to minimize losses.
  • Lastly, Volatilization losses in Indorama Granular Urea are almost half of Prilled Urea. Lesser quantity of Indorama Granular Urea gives better yields than Prilled Urea due to saving in leaching and Volatilization losses.

Seed Rate

Furthermore, sow 20kg of seed in one hectare. Likewise, good seedling growth and vigor arises when seeds are sown 5cm deep. Similarly, a clean, smooth, deeply ploughed but firm seedbed is ideal. It is desirable to sow the crop on ridges to avoid damage due to water logging and to provide adequate moisture in the root zone.

Weed Control

Weeds having broad leaves and most of the grasses can be conventionally controlled with a single pre-mergence application of Atrazine @ 1kg/ha. In addition, for 2 inter-cultivations are needed to keep weeds under check.

Insect Pest Management

Control of Chilo (Stem Borer) and Sesamia (Pink Borer): For control of Chilo and Sesamia, foliar spray of 0.1% Endosulfan {700 ml (35 EC) in 250 litre water} 10 days after germination is very effective.
Furthermore, the Maize Stalk Borer, Chila partellus is a major pest, foliar application 0.1% Endosulfan (35EC) or 0.05% Lindane (20.EC) should be applied in 10-15 days old crop followed by second application of 4% Endosulfan granuless or 1% Lindane granules @ 15 kg/ha in plant whorls a fortnight later, if necessary.

Disease Management

The best way to avoid these diseases is to grow resistant varieties and undertake timely sowing. Likewise, Turcicum and Maydis Leaf-blights can be controlled by 2 or 3 sprays of Zineb (Dithane 2-78) @ 2.5kg/ha 1000 litres of water at intervals of 10-15 days.
Maize Farming/Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report


Intuitively, harvesting is done when grain moisture reaches 20-25%. Oftentimes, this is noticed when the cobs-shealth (husk) dries up completely. After harvesting, dried cobs in the sunlight for about a week. The cobs are then ready for shelling. Hand-sheller and Powersheller, driven by current or tractor are available. Likewise, used for shelling. After shelling, the grain will dried for 2 to 3 days, cleaned and graded. Likewise, the seed treatment with thiram@2gram per kilo of seed can be done and stored safely when seed moisture is about 8 to 10% . Finally, storing in air tight containers reduces and other storage pests and diseases.

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Maize Farming / Processing on Business Plans and Feasibility Study Report

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