New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan

New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan

New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan is free for all. Vermicompost-Organic Fertilizer Production – Vermicompost organic fertilizer production in a new agro business idea that has started hitting Africa and Nigerians has started tapping from it. In fact, it has become a major component of agro-business models across the country with a very low initial investment capital. An entrepreneur can start this business with the proper know-how of the production process.

New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan

More On New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan

Vermicompost is the product or process of composting utilizing various species of worms to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast.
As an aspiring entrepreneur, having specific skills in the manufacturing process can initiate vermicompost organic fertilizer production business for a start. This business can be established with moderate capital investment in a small parcel of land at your backyard/your farm yard.

Smart New Agro-Business in Nigeria | Vermi-compost Organic Fertilizer Production| Business plan

Most Rural and semi-urban communities are predominately agricultural production communities in Nigeria. Such communities are considered the ideal locations for setting up vermicompost units on a larger scale from availability raw materials like cow/pig dung and marketing of such byproducts to farmers around. Based on the fact that vermicompost produces are cheaper, with high nutritional values on growing crops and other agricultural production, it reduces chemical substances on food production. To this effect, vermicompost technology is getting increasingly accepted among local entrepreneurs on daily bases. 

The vermicompost contains higher percentage (nearly twofold) of both macro and micronutrients than the garden compost. The product gets matured in a period of 45-60 days depending upon the type of wastes, earthworm population, and environmental factors. There is 5 to 6 possible cycle in a year.


As a matter of fact, several decomposable organic wastes normally used as composting materials are as follows; animal excreta, kitchen waste, farm residues and forest litter etc. In general, animal dung mostly cow dung and dried chopped crop residues are the key raw materials. A mixture of leguminous and non-leguminous crop residues enriches the quality of vermicompost.

Worms are the major organisms that aid decomposition in vermicompost. There are different species of earthworms viz. Eisenia Foetida (Red earthworm), Eudrilus Eugeniae (night crawler), Perionyx Excavatus etc. Red earthworm is preferred because of its high multiplication rate and thereby converts the organic matter into vermicompost within 45-50 days. Since it is a surface feeder it converts organic materials into vermicompost from the top.


  • Firstly,  you need to gather bio-degradable agro waste.
  • Secondly, Cut them into small pieces by hand-operated cutting machine.
  • Thirdly, allow them for partial decomposition for 10 to 15 days. It will help you in achieving a better activity of earthworm.
  • Fourthly, a Vermicomposting unit should be in a cool, moist and shady site.
  • Furthermore, Beds of a partially decomposed material of size 6x2x2 feet should be made.
  • Also, partially decomposed agro waste material is then arranged in layers at the vermicompost bed.
  • Layer of partially biodegradable agro waste at the bottom of the bed.
  • Similarlly, layer of cow dung slurry on it to further decomposing of the agro waste for 15 to 20 days.
  • After partial decomposition, cover with cow dung slurry with 4” layer of Farm Yard Manure.
  • Apply red earth worm (1500-2000) on the upper layer of bed.
  • Water should be sprinkled with can immediately after the release of worms.
  • Likewise, beds should be kept moist by a sprinkling of water (daily) and by covering with gunny bags/polythene.
  • The bed should be turned once after 30 days for maintaining aeration and for proper decomposition.
  • Finally; Compost will get ready in 45-50 days.
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Likewise, when you get completely decomposed vermicompost you should stop watering. It appears black in color and granular in size. Keep over a heap of partially decomposed cow dung so that earthworms could migrate to cow dung from compost. After two days compost can be separated and sieved for bagging and use.




  • Firstly, the floor of the unit should be compact to prevent earthworms’ migration into the soil.
  • Secondly, 15-20 days old cow dung should be used to avoid excess heat.
  • Thirdly, the organic wastes should be free from plastics, chemicals, pesticides, and metals etc.
  • Aeration should be maintained for proper growth and multiplication of earthworms.
  • Likewise, Optimum moisture level (30-40 %) should be maintained
  • Finally, 18-250 degree Centigrade temperature should be maintained for proper decomposition.
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Most importantly, Vermicompost organic fertilizer production business has good sale potential over a range of crops i.e. agricultural, horticultural, ornamental, vegetables etc.
Direct sale to end users this includes farmers groups and subdivisions in nearby cities and municipalities.

Bulk sale to producers and distributors of organic fertilizer that needs vermicompost as one of its primary components.

High-end market in urban areas due to the popularity of organically grown farm produce among the rich residing in posh villages and other high-end residential areas.

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