New Pig Farmers Business Plans and Feasibility Reports

New Pig Farmers Business Plans and Feasibility Reports

New Pig Farmers Business Plans and Feasibility Reports is a free guide for all. As a matter of facts, New pig farmers should start with highly marketable and popular breeds. Intuitively, some of these are; Landrace or Large White. This gives you an optimum yield faster. Furthermore, getting a business plans and a feasibility study gives you a push in succeeding. Chris Farm Nigeria Specializes in helping startups like you success in the business. Contact us today, lets write you a winning Business plans and a feasibility study for your investors, Grant or Bank Loan.    

New Pig Farmers Business Plan and Feasibility

Good Quality Boar Pig On A Business Plan And A Feasibility Study

Furthermore, good quality boars can rapidly improve the standard of piglets if you do not have the best females. If boars have any problems in terms of their health, fertility, living conditions or genetic traits, you can end up with genetically weak offspring. Furthermore, Sows can fail to conceive, or other problems may develop. These, in turn, can reduce your profitability.
When buying a young boar, ask for a specimen that has grown at an above-average rate. Likewise, pig that has converted food into muscle. Rather than fat at a good feed-to-growth ratio, and has no physical or other imperfections, such as extreme aggression.

Landrace or Large White Pigs

New Pig Farmers Business Plans and Feasibility Reports opens you up to innovations. Get a Business plans and a feasibility study Report for your business start up. Novice pig farmers should start with highly marketable and popular breeds such as the Landrace or Large White.
There are other breeds such as the Duroc – red pigs some breeders use to add more desirable ‘meat traits’ and growth rates to their operation – but this form of breeding is best left to experienced farmers.

Proper procedures

A good boar should reach about 90kg at around 140 days old. Not more than about 3kg of good pig feed should be used for each kilogram of weight gained from when the pig weighs 30kg until it reaches 90kg: this indicates a good feed-to-weight gain ratio.
Remember, too, that proper deworming, hygienic living conditions, including well-ventilated housing, vaccination, and access to clean, cool water are all important factors affecting good growth rates.
A boar should not be younger than eight months when it starts working. Neither should it be used for mating more than twice a week before it is one year old. Thereafter, it can be used three times a week, but preferably not on consecutive days.

Useful tips

Good management is essential to ensure that mating takes place successfully:
  • Always try match boars to sows of a similar size;
  • Try to undertake mating in the boar pen or in a pen familiar to the boar;
  • Always remove dangerous obstacles and ensure that the floor is made of a non-slip material such as rough or rippled concrete;
  • Try to be present in the mating pen for a few minutes while the boar gets used to its surroundings (if it is not his own pen);
  • Keep a hard wooden board handy to separate the boar and sow if they appear to want to harass each other;
  • Speaking gently, try edge the sow’s head towards a corner of the pen while a helper positions the boar behind it. Do not ‘lift’ the boar to mate, but you can move the sow’s tail to the side if necessary;
  • Let the boar mount the sow only once properly and then allow a few minutes of interaction between the pigs. Repeat the mating 12 hours later and every two to three days thereafter if the boar refuses to mate the first time.

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Do you need a business plan to raise fund for your business?

We can carry out research and develop MBA grade business plans that you can present to a bank or investor. Intuitively, Chris Farm Nigeria develops well self-explanatory, irresistible feasibility studies or business plan for your Business start ups, Business Growth or Expansions through either personal funds, Grants, or loans, which could be new or existing ones. We delight in writing for people under Academic sectors, production sectors, manufacturing sectors, processing or packing sectors, advertising sectors, marketing sectors and other related sectors on mini, middle and large scale businesses.

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For your Agribusiness, either production, processing, marketing of any Agro-industry, our feasibility studies or business plan are explicit.


General Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Intuitively, our feasibility study and business plans are explicit. Likewise, becomes irresistible when you show them to your investors or sponsors. It gives you a clear picture of what you are to see. Especially, when you put the feasibility study or business plans into use.

More Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Similarly, it shows how much it will cost you to own your desired business, what your money can afford. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output. Likewise, how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital. Lastly, this will give the intending business person or investor or farmer, a vivid idea on the possible benefit he or she stands to gain, when he or she starts doing the business. However, the intending business person or investor or farmer will not need a soothsayer to make decision for him or her.

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