Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica are many. Snail Achatina fulica has a shell from the beginning of its life until the end. The shell is used for protection against the environmental conditions and potential predators. Similarly, the shell also provides protection for the internal organs against outside forces. The colors of A. fulica tend to be more earthy tones, as to not stand out in its environments and to be more camouflaged from the sight of their predators. Predators of Snail Achatina fulica includes many species of rodents, wild boars, terrestrial crustaceans, and other species of snails

Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

Known Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

  • Christmas Island red crab, Gecarcoidea natalis

  • cannibal snail, Euglandina rosea

  • land snail, Gonaxis quadrilateralis

  • fire ants, Solenopsis geminata

  • Also, hermit crabs, Paguroidea

  • Malayan field rat, Rattus tiomanicus

  • Polynesian rat, Rattus exulans

  • Rice-field rat, Rattus argentiventer

  • wild boar, Sus scrofa

  • Lastly, New Guinea flatworm, Platydemus manokwari

Ecosystem Roles on Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

Achatina fulica has several different ecosystem roles. This species decomposes and consumes dead vegetation. The benefit of this ecosystem role is that the snail assists in recycling nutrients and the building blocks essential to life. Giant African snails are also part of the food chain, as they are a source of food to many predators. This species is also a host to parasitic organisms, such as Angiostrongylus cantonensis, the rat lungworm. The parasitic organisms live and thrive on this host and can be transported to other hosts, such as humans, through the consumption of the snails.

Commensal/Parasitic Species
rat lungworm, Angiostrongylus cantonensis
bacterium, Aeromonas hydrophila
fungi, Phytophthora palmivora

Predators of Snail Achatina Fulica

Economic Importance for Humans: Positive

Snails are often seen as a delicacy for humans and A. fulica is no exception. Humans around the world consume giant African snails as a source of protein when prepared correctly. This species is also a cheap alternative in some regions as a source of fish feed in fish farming, as they breed quickly and in large amounts. Achatina fulica can also be beneficial in making fertilizer, chicken feed, and biological compounds in clinical and experimental laboratories.

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Economic Importance for Humans: Negative

Furthermore, Giant African snails are an invasive species across that world. It has become illegal to have possession of these snails in countries where it has been introduced. Achatina fulica has a large and broad diet preference; the dietary habits of this species cause a high loss in crops for farmers. Oftentimes, these are seen as an agricultural pest, costing farmers not only their crops but also economic costs.

This species is also a carrier of many parasitic organisms, including organisms that harm people and plants. Serious illness and diseases can erupt in humans if they consume giant African snails. Likewise, Snail Achatina fulica also destroys and pollutes its surroundings, including soil. When an individual of this species dies, the calcium carbonate found in the shells neutralizes the soil; the neutralization of the soil and the altering of its properties affect the types of plants that can grow in the soil. Achatina fulica can cost cities, states, or countries millions of dollars in not only agricultural costs, but also in attempts to control this invasive species.

Simple Difference Between Snail (Achatina Achatina and Achatina Marginata)


Snail’s sales


Different snail sizes for sale


Snail Meat Washing and buying

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Snail Supply To Farmers And Other Users


Snail farming on breeder supply

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