Production Of Air Fresher Easy Way

Production Of Air Fresher Easy Way

Production Of Air Fresher Easy Way guide. Intuitively, this Production Of Air Fresher Easy Way takes you by the hand to produce your Air Fresher. This makes lots of million when produced in large quantity. Similarly, opening a company for this business needs capital. Professional Business plan and a feasibility study writing is a must. This has the propensity to give you a Loan, grant or investor signups. Watch our videos tag; difference between a feasibility study and a business plan to get a clear understanding. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


More On Production Of Air Fresher Easy Way guide.

There are more to Production Of Air Fresher on an Easy Way. You need to get the input before you start production.


1.    Unflavored gelatin/Antisol
2.   Water
3.    Fragrance
4.    Food coloring
5.    Table salt
6.    Small jar


1.    Boil one cup of water and stir in four packages of gelatin until dissolved. Removed from heat and add in one cup of cold water.
2.    Add about 10 to 20 drop of the fragrance oil to the gelatin. If you would like add a few drops of food coloring as well.
3.    Add one table spoon salt to the gelatin mixture to keep mold from growing.
4.     Carefully pour the gel into the small jar allow the gel to set either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
5.     Package for sell or use.


1.    Caustic soda and soda Ash are EXTREMELY caustic and can cause burns if splashed on the skin. It could cause blindness if spattered in the eyes.
Use caution when adding Iye (caustic soda and potash) to cold water, when stirring caustic (Iye) and when pouring the liquid soap into moles. If it is spilled on skin, wash immediately with cold water.  
Wash off any caustic or green (uncured) soap spilled on furniture or counter tops.
Always add caustic soda to cold water, never to hot water because the chemical action heats the cold water to the boiling point. It also produces harsh fumes which are harmful if breathed deeply. Stand back and avert the head while the caustic soda is dissolving. The use of gloves, glasses and draft vents is recommended. Because of these dangers, it is best to keep small children far from the place while soap is
being produced. Avoid using aluminum containers to dissolve caustic soda.
Always use rubber and plastic containers.
PALM-KERNEL OIL (P.K.O)  (Elaeis guineensis) is an edible oil derives from the kernel of the oil palm.
          An ingredient in detergent production.
Other names: Iye, sodium hydroxide.
formula NAOH
          Caustic is white granules.
          Caustic is soluble in water, ethanol and methanol.
Uses of caustic: In used in many industries, mostly as a strong chemical base in the manufacture of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and as a drain cleaner.
Caustic soda neutralizes or adjusts the acidity of the other ingredients in soap and detergents production.
POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE: Other names caustic potash, Ash and Iye.
Formula KOH
          Potassium Hydroxide forms white deliquescent crystals is usually white pellets. It dissolves readily in water, giving of much heat and forming a strong alkaline caustic solution.
Light ash and hard ash.
Include pepper products, soap and detergents, etc. it allow bar soaps to harden.
SODIUM SULPHATE: Is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. It is a white crystalline solid.
          Sodium sulphate is mainly used for the manufacturing of the detergents and in the kraft process of pepper pulping. 
Sodium sulphate provides proper flow or solubility to soap. Cleans without leaving residue.
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Is a clear liquid slightly more viscous than water.
It has many function but it is mainly used in powered detergent production.
It breakdown soaps particles  
 CALCIUM HYPOCHLORIDE: Other names Aqua chloro, (HTH) and chlorine used in bleach production, treating of drinking water also for cleansing.
NATURE: Solid and granules form.
7.    ANTISOL:
Is a translucent, colourless brittle (when dry), flavorless solid substance. It is commonly used as a gelling agent.  Other names gelatin, part R. 
A thick liquid substance. It serves as moisturize in facial cleaner.
9.    SODIUM
LAURYL ETHER SULPHATE (SLES) (S.L.S.) A cleansing agent and effective foamer.  
10.                       SULPHONIC
ACID: A brownish or blackish thinkly liquid. It serves as foaming agent.
11.                       MENTHOL:
Is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from peppermint or other mint oils. It is a waxy, crystalline substance, clear or white in colour. Solid at room temperature and melts slightly above.
12.                       INDUSTRIAL
CONPHOR: A similar substance to menthol.
13.                        P.V.A.
EMOTION:- It is used for production of bonds. (Gum or glue)
14.                       PHENOL:
Other names, carbolic acid and phenic acid.
          It is serves as an antiseptic (germ-free) substance.
15.                        PERFUME:
Other name fragrance it gives nice smell to the product.
16.                       Colours:
gives colour to the products. Kinds of colours
i.                  Water colours and
ii.                Oil colours.
17.                       FORMULINE: A colourless liquid substance. It look like water. It is commonly used as preservative.
18.                       Titan (white colour) 
19.                       CARBON COMPLEX are additives component.
It used in production of soap, paint chalk board e.t.c.
20.                        COCO DIETHANOL AMIDE (CDEA)
Foam or sud booster.
21.                       SODIUM
SILICATE- A liquid substance That serve as hardening and leavening agent, prevent separation or deterioration of ingredients in liquid product.
22.                       SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE (STPP). A chemical that gives cleansing power
Sequestering agents that makes the ingredients floats, used as forming stabilizer; also to reduce hardness in water.
24.                        TERGITOL:
 Binder used for powered detergent.
SODIUM PHOSPHATE: Provides the abrasive strength; remove hard water minerals and this increase the effectiveness of detergents; prevents dirty from setting back in clothes during washing
26.                        Sodium chloride or table salt: Thickening agent; provides viscosity to the soap.
27.                        Methyl and propyl pareben:  Anti-microbial preservatives.
28.                        Triethanol amine (TEA) Emulsifier used in facial cleaner.
29.                        Benzalkonium chloride: disinfectant against bacteria, fungi and yeast.
30.                       Carboxyl methy cellulose (CMC) An anti-redeposition agents that prevent dirt from setting back in clothes during washing.
31.                        Lysor
32.                       Chlorozinol
33.                       Ethanol is an alcohol.
34.                        ethanol use in production of body perfume.
35.                       Juniper                          
36.                       Pine oil   
37.                       Petroleum jelly
38.                       Perofine oil
39.                       Parafine wax
40.                       Lanoline
NOTE; JUNIPER, PINE OIL, PETROLEUM JERRY, are commonly used for the production of hair cream, Vaseline pomades balm etc.


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