Smart Ways On Pig Farming Business – Simple Guide

Smart Ways On Pig Farming Business – Simple Guide 

Smart Ways On Pig Farming Business – Simple Guide. Pig farm is a smart way to make cool money. For a complete success, hold on to Good nutrition, proper housing (pen and breeding ground) Combined with proper hygiene. These are the most important factors in managing your pig farming business. 


Smart Ways On Pig Farming Business - Simple Guide

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These Factors put together, will help you reach and maintain a healthy and profitable farm. Furthermore, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your pig’s overall health.

Good Hygiene

Providing your pigs the vaccines recommended for your local area by a veterinarian, and limiting the pigs’ will go a long way toward preventing disease. It is also crucial to keep their housing area clean and free of manure.

Proper Housing

Walls should be plastered to make them damp proof. Similarly, the Roof should be at least 8 – 10ft. high. Well-ventilated area is very good for pigs rearing. The Floor should be concrete/hard, even, non-slippery, impervious, well sloped and properly drained to remain dry and clean. Place your feeding trough with a space of 6-12 inches per pig.

Good Nutrition

Good balance diet would improve the health and overall market value of your pigs. Pigs would require a good percentage of fiber, Carbohydrates, protein and mineral in their feed.
If you want to reduce the number of times a vet doctor comes to your pig farm, then you have to pay attention to the quantity of food you are feeding your swine.


As a pig farmer, you are expected to know some terminologies regarding your trade.
  • Herd or drove; A group of pigs or all the pigs on a farm
  • Hog or swine: the species as a whole
  • Piglet or Shoat: unweaned young pig
  • Boar or hog: male pig of breeding age
  • Barrow: castrated male pig before puberty
  • Stag: male pig, castrated later in life
  • Gilt: young female not yet mated, or not yet farrowed
  • Sow: breeding female
  • Pork: the meat of the pig
  • Farrowing: when pigs are giving birth
  • Sty: a small pig-house
  • Pig-shed: a larger pig-house
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If you want to do top class modern pig farming, here are some specialized equipments you might want in your farm:
  • special hog pens,
  • Automated watering system,
  • water bowls,
  • feeder nipples,
  • pit scrapers,
  • fogging systems,
  • scales,
  • hog feeders,
  • buckets,
  • heat lamps for cold seasons,
  • dirt blaster wash to mention but a few.
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