Snail Farming In Nigeria For Beginners

Snail Farming In Nigeria For Beginners

Snail Farming in Nigeria for beginners is a guide to improve your knowledge. Heliciculture (or snail farming) is the process of raising land snails specifically for human consumption or use. Snail Farming in Nigeria for beginners takes you by the hand to success in the business.

Snail Farming In Nigeria For Beginners

More On Snail Farming In Nigeria For Beginners

Snail Farming in Nigeria for beginners shows you so many things a snail farming businessis used for. Although, eating snail as meat is the most commonly seen usage. Likewise snail shell, snail slime, snail eggs are all useful in some other areas of life (i.e. cosmetics etc.).

Species Of Snails For Snail Farming

Though there are so many species of snail. Here are just a few examples of some of the types of snails you need to k

  • Zebra nerite snail
  • Tracked nerite snail
  • Sulawesi snail
  • Ramshorn snail
  • Pond snail
  • Malaysian trumpet snail
  • Horned nerite snail
  • Apple snail etc,

The Most Farm Species

Out of all these species, the Achatina Fulica, Achatina Achatina, and Achachatina Marginata are the three commonly seen species that are best for snail farming in Nigeria and most places in Africa.

Snails though can inhabit in most climates and territory around us, they are mostly comfortable with a cool area with much vegetation.

Where Does Snail Live?

Furthermore, Snails are considered a mollusk. Some of them live on the land, some on the sea, while some live in freshwater.

Snails are unique in their nature because of their strong shell, sluggishness and their hermaphrodites nature (i.e. snails have both male and female reproductive organs)

Because we`re living in the world of “the strong” and “the fast”, snails has many enemies who prey on it for their food.

Rodents, birds, amphibians such as frog and toads and even fish for those snail inhabiting marine environments are all enemies (predators) of Mr./Miss snails.

Snail Are hermaphrodites in Nature

Though snails are hermaphrodites (having both male and female reproductive organs), they still have to mate with one another in order to fertilize their eggs.

I know this may be funny to you. Some snails act like male today and like female tomorrow.

One month after mating, snail lays small white eggs into a burrow into the ground or on a covered leaf, which hatch after a couple of weeks (3–4).

(All these basic facts are important to you if you really want to succeed in the snail farming business in Nigeria)

Grower snail

A baby snail can take 1½ to 2 years to grow to adulthood and be ready for sales.
Best Snail Species for Nigeria Snail Farmers

Just as I stated above, there are many species of snail (maybe near 1000).

However, most of these snails type are not good for snail farming, and in fact, if you see some snails, you may be afraid of touching them… because it will look strange to you.

To succeed in snail farming in Nigeria, we have to concentrate on Achatina Achatina and Archachatina Marginata.

Achatina Achatina (Tiger Snail)

The reason why Achatina Achatina is better for snail farmers in Nigeria is because it grows big. In fact, it`s usually referred to as giant Ghana snail or giant tiger land snail.

It`s a species of very large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod (I know you hate those words if you`re not familiar with them. I’m sorry)

Achatina Achatina is said to be a native of West Africa, somewhere in between Liberia, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone or Nigeria (nobody is very sure)

Another reason why we love this snail for snail farming in Nigeria is because it lays eggs (over one thousand each year)

The last reason why we love this “guy” is because it can be easily found around you (don`t forget it originated from our continent)

Archachatina Marginata:

Very similar to the above species. Also known as giant west African snail (meaning it`s “our” guy). It can easily be found and raised in Nigeria and other African countries.

Do People Buy Snail? Can I Really Make Money Through Snail Farming ?

Now to the part where as an entrepreneur, I am sure you are highly interested. And that question will be “Can I really make money through snail farming”?Yes. More and more people are becoming aware of the nutritional values of

Yes. More and more people are becoming aware of the nutritional values of snails.

Snail meat contains between 37–51% protein while fish contains only about 18%, cattle, 17.5% sheep, 16.4%. Just compare the differences

Iron as a content of snail is around 45–59mg/kg and it`s very low in fat, 0.05–0.08%. Snail contains almost all the amino acid needed by man.

As more people are getting aware about the nutritional values of snail, the demand for snail is increasing, so is snail farming business.
Who are those that can buy snail from your snailery?

The market women (who are the retailers), hotels, joints and restaurants etc.

Now, let`s address the question of,
Step by Step Guide on How to raise snails and make money?

There are a few basic snail farming techniques that heliciculture popularly knows as snail farmers have to take care of these five areas:

Snail House (snailery):

Snailery is the act of keeping or growing Snails.

As I said earlier, snail lives comfortably where there is a good vegetation. Sun and wind are treats to snail because excessive wind and sun dehydrate snail.

It`s common to have snail farmers having many trees on their farms. These trees shield snails from hot sun and wind.

You also have to consider the floor of your farm. Snail grows on soil and not concrete. Snail loves a soil that is not too dry or too waterlogged.

The soil of your snail farm is very important because snail derives calcium needed to form its shell from the soil, gets its water from the soil and lays eggs on the soil.

The soil for your snail farming must not be acidic, instead, a sandy-loamy soil with low water holding capacity.

What if where you intend to use is having concrete? You`ll need to put good soil on it.

Getting a snail to raise in Nigeria

There are more than one ways to get the snails needed to start a snail farming in Nigeria, but some ways will be suitable for someone and not others, why some ways may even be bad for the health of the snail.

Snail could be gotten from market places, but there is a problem with this method. The snails at the market might have been exposed to sunlight for a long time. With this, the snails you`re getting into your snailery are not healthy.

They are likely to have been dehydrated.

Snails hate sun and drink so much water. When you keep them in a dry (or sunny) environment like market for a long time, they`re no more healthy.

Snails could also be gotten by picking up snail`s eggs (if you`re living near some bush or even in the market). While this is possible, some of those eggs (especially in the market) may not be fertile any more.

Where more to keep Snail?

If they are alright, they could be kept in a cool place with good vegetation and in about three weeks, they`ll be hatched and you`ll have little snails to start your snail farming business in Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa.

The other way to get snails is from a nearby bush. You can trap them with some of their favourite foods; pawpaw, plantain, banana, pineapples, etc. if you clear some place in the evening, put some of these fruits and check back in the morning, you could find some snails.

Try this process again and again till you have enough snails to start your snailery.

The above method obviously cannot work for many people who are living in the city.

Then, you have to get your snails by locating a snail farmer that`s willing to sell some snails.

Snail predators and safety

Just as fish farming and poultry farming have some challenges, snail farming too has its own challenges (though not as much as those of fish and poultry farming).

One major challenge is about the enemies of snails, the predators.

These enemies range from small ones like ants and termites, to the big ones like rodents, snakes, birds, amphibians such as frog and toads, and the biggest of all… human thieves around your snail farm.

To ensure safety of your snails, you may have to used fence or wire to restrict the entrance of the bigger predators, let there be no bush close to your farm and watch out for any article that can invite ants and some other “enemies” into your snail farm.

Snail foods in Nigeria

The kinds of snails we`re discussing in this tutorial (which are the best for snail farming in Nigeria), Achatina Achatina and Archachatina Marginata usually feed on green leaves and fruits.

You should add some feeds also from snail feed sellers so as to maintain a good growth.

Snails have to eat to grow their tissues, but not just that, they have to grow their shells (which may be the reason why some formulated feeds may help your farm).

Some feeds For Snail

Leaves like cassava leaves, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, cocoyam leaves, cabbage and lettuce leaves are all good foods for Mr. /Miss Snail

Fruits like pawpaw, pears, cucumber, mango, eggplant, tomatoes are as well good for snail.

If you feed your snails well, they grow well and reproduce very fast (each snail lays about 1000 eggs each year)

Be business minded and start small.

I`ve said this more than one million times (I’m exaggerating here). Any venture intended to make money has to be handled like business. Most Africans who are into agribusiness approach it like “just a farm”.

Heliciculture (snail farming) is a business, a real business and has to be taken so.

I advise you to improve your business skills. To succeed in business world (of any nature), you have improve your marketing skills, human relationship skills, leadership skills, negotiation and money management skills.

To succeed in snail farming in Nigeria, we have to concentrate on Achatina Achatina and Archachatina Marginata.

Simple Difference Between Snail (Achatina Achatina and Achatina Marginata)


Snail’s sales


Different snail sizes for sale


Snail Meat Washing and buying


Snail Supply To Farmers And Other Users


Snail farming on breeder supply

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