Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business Plan

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Introduction To Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business Plan

Intuitively, Snails are members of the mollusk phylum and they move by gliding there muscular foot. The muscle constantly secrets mucus which dries later to form a slimy trail that signals the presence of the snail. Similarly, all land snails are hermaphrodites, so they all have the potential to lay eggs at a time in to a hole in the soil. They can lay eggs up to six times a year and it takes about two years for snails to mature.


More On Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business Plan

They are more active at night and on cloudy or Foggy days while on sunny days they seek hiding places out of the heat and the bright light. During cold weather snails hibernate in the top soil. Snails feed on a variety of a variety of living plants and on decaying plant matter. They chew irregular holes with smooth edges in leaves and flowers and can clip succulent plant parts. They also can chew fruits and young plant barks. Because the prefer succulent foliage or flowers, they primarily are pest of seedlings and herbaceous plants but they are also serious pest of ripening fruit that are close to the ground such as strew barriers, artichokes and tomatoes.

Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business Plan

Management In Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business Plan

Management of snail can involve various method employed in the production and control of snail. Similarly, the production and general management of snail is very easy and is very important because snail is a very good source of protein to man and so its controlled production and management is very important. Snail management can be categorized into two parts based on the reason of management. Furthermore, management can be to increase its production because its been used as source of protein and sold to generate income so the best condition is provided for the snail to increase its population in the farm or snail house or the second reason can be to reduce or remove the snail from an unwanted farm land because of its harmful effect as a pest of the grown crop on the farm land.
If the second reason mentioned is the type of management then the removal or control of the snail population usually employs very easy and simple method to eliminate or reduce the population of the snail on the farm. Hand picking, trapps, barriers and the introduction of natural enemies of the snail can be introduced into the farm to eliminate or reduce the snail’s population. But on the context of this work specific interest is on the first reason mentioned for the management of the snail which is to provide the best condition possible for the snail to increase its production and this also involve general practices involved in by snail farmers to bust production which sole aim is to increase their income. This involves the latest techniques employed in snail management and production which aims at providing snail meat on the table of the family.
The species of snails are numerous but the common species here in Nigeria are;
1. Archachatina marginata.
2.Archatina Archatina
3. Archatina fulica.
Snail management generally centers on housing and care of the snail. Housing depends on the the size of the population of the snail and the purpose of raring or keeping the snail. It can be grown for personal consumption or grown for sale to others. Whatever the purpose is, the keeper should make sure that the housing is suitable for the snail. The size of the house should be well suited for the purpose.  A covered box can be used as housing for small scale snail farming. For a larger population, a trench can be dug or make a concrete pen and cover it with a screen or wire all round to prevent the snail from escaping. The wire is also useful in keeping away rats and snakes or other predators from eating the snail. Put moist loamy soil in the breeding area. also put litters of leaves to serve as shelter for the snails. They love cold and dark place. Make sure the humidity does not drop to a level harmful to the snail. You can use cloth that is regularly wet to control the temperature. Put stocks in breeding place .different snails are breed in different area of the world be sure of the breed especially if you are breeding for commercial reason.
Snail Production / Get A Feasibility Study & A Business PlanObserve the proper stocking density for the area you have and for the size of the snail you are growing. Feed snails with leave, fruits or even a formula from the feed store. Aside from food to grow tissue snails need calcium to grow shells. Once they start growing separate the big once from the small once  It takes more than a year for it to grow to harvest size.
The technique employed in the management of snail is very simple and can be easily practiced by anyone and the only thing the snail may demand is attention and care. They hardly fall do sick and you need to buy their food and
you also don’t need to spend much to build their house.
Snails reproduce rapidly and it’s not exaggeration to say that you can get hundred percent returns on investment. Snail farming is a three in one project that involves production of snail, vegetable and fruits for the snail to feed on. 30,000 snails are capable of producing hundreds of eggs which hatch into snails. It’s now possible to produce up to one million snail a year worth more than five million naira a year and this is made possible by the highly prolific Archatina archatina specie. In general it can be said that snail management is very easy and can be practiced by anyone.


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Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report


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General Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

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More Info On Feasibility Study And Business Plans

Similarly, it shows how much it will cost you to own your desired business, what your money can afford. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output. Likewise, how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital. Lastly, this will give the intending business person or investor or farmer, a vivid idea on the possible benefit he or she stands to gain, when he or she starts doing the business. However, the intending business person or investor or farmer will not need a soothsayer to make decision for him or her.


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