Snail pen Construction

Snail pen Construction is a vital pounder point in Snail Farming. General Speaking, there are different type and dimensions of your snail pen. Oftentimes, it depend obviously on the snail growing system you choose. Similarly on the quantity of snails you intend to produce.

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As far is housing is concerned, your snail farm could be extensive, semi-intensive, or intensive, in increasing order of complexity, management and financial inputs. Three options might be considered:

Extensive system:

Outdoor, free-range snail pens on Snail pen Construction

Mixed, or semi-intensive system: egg laying and hatching occur in a controlled environment; the young snails are then removed after 6-8 weeks to outside pens for growing or fattening or both.

Intensive on Snail pen Construction

Closed systems, for example plastic tunnel houses, greenhouses and buildings with controlled climate.

Regardless of the size and type of your snail farm, the housing system must meet the following conditions. It must be:

Escape-proof; snails are master-escapists and unless prevented from doing so they will quickly wander all over your (or your neighbour’s) garden or house.

  • Spacious, in accordance with the growing stage of the snails (hatchlings, juveniles, breeding snails, or mature snails fattened for consumption). Snails suffer from overcrowding, which impedes their development and increases the risk of diseases. Suitable rearing densities range from > 100/m2 for hatchlings to 7-10/m2 for breeding snails
  • Easily accessible and easy to work in or with, for handling the snails, placing feed, cleaning and other tasks.
  • Also, Well-protected from insects, predators and poachers.
  • Different materials can be used for building snaileries, depending on price and availability.
  • Decay- and termite-resistant timber. In West Africa favourable tree species are iroko (Milicia excelsa, local name – odum), opepe (Naucleadiderrichii, local name – kusia), or ekki (Lophira alata, local name – kaku). In South East Asia poles can be made of a species like teak (Tectona grandis), which is widely planted in other continents as well.
  • Also, Sandcrete blocks, or mudbricks.
  • Galvanized sheets, polythene sheets.
  • Also, Chicken wire, for protection.
  • Mosquito nets or nylon mesh, for covering the pens as protection against insects.
  • Second-hand materials, like car tyres, oil drums and old water tanks.
  • In addition to car tyres, oil drums and such materials, the following types of pens might be considered for simple snaileries:
  • Firstly, Hutch boxes
  • Secondly, Trench pens
  • Thirdly, Mini-paddock pens
  • Lastly, Free-range pens

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