Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps) is a free guide. Intuitively, there are lots of information on Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps). Similarly, opening a company for this business needs capital. Professional Business plan and a feasibility study writing is a must. This has the propensity to give you a Loan, grant or investor signups. Watch our videos tag; difference between a feasibility study and a business plan to get a clear understanding. Contact Us Today, Let’s Help You Prepare An Irresistible Business Plan And A Feasibility Study Report

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  • Do you want to start up a fish/aquatic farming business?
  • Do you want to know how lucrative your fish/aquatic farming business will be?
  • Would you want to know how to own, manage, and make millions from your fish/aquatic farming business?
  • Or, do you want to venture into livestock production generally?



If yes is your answer, then;

  • What is your motivation?
The first step to take is to know the reason why you want to venture into that business. Your motivation will determine your overall attitude and the business strategy you will want to take. As for fish farming business, you must decide whether you are raising few fishes to feed your family or you want to start on a small scale and gradually grow into a huge commercial enterprise. These questions are left for you to answer for yourself.
  • What do I need to own the farm? 
    You will need the following asset mainly; Money, land, Ponds, Good water source, and Managerial skills


Smart Prerequisite In Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

It is important to draft out your business plans, goals and objectives in other to have a clear vision of what you want or need, because, your vision is your driving energy that keeps you running in the presence of obstacles or challenges. And when the vision is clear, you can easily strategies the steps needed to get to your destiny which will deliver your dreams at the long run. You should also make a budget that would consist of all the items you would need to start up the farming business like, cost of land, cost of pond constructions or mobile ponds (as the case may be), cost of feeding your fishes until they are ready for sale, cost of maintaining your business until the fishes are ready for sales (like; salaries of workers, miscellaneous bills like light bills and so on).


Success buttons On Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

For you to success in this business, you will need to gather enough knowledge on the desired aquatic animal you want to rear or culture; nevertheless, I will give you an iceberg of some ideals needed;

a. Living Condition;

You must know the living condition needed of the aquatic animal in view, staring from knowing the required temperature needed for your desired aquatic animal you wish to rear or culture. Most aquatic animals cultured in African can survive in a temperature range of 18 to 30 degree Celsius. And maintaining the PH level of the water is very important in other to enhance the survivals of living organism.


Please note; you should also get rid of all polluting agents like sulphur and sulphuric compounds all around the pond and its surrounding environment.


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b. Regular Water Supply;

There should be regular supply of clean fresh water for your aquatic animals. Since they are aquatic, they cannot do without water, but that is not a reason to encourage flooding, because if it occurs, your investment can be lost with it.


c. Pond construction;

Pond construction can take the form of concrete or earthen pond. Concrete is easier to manage but is expensive but earthen ponds are cheaper to construct but more complex to manage. Nevertheless, when constructing your artificial ponds, you must make sure it is deep enough to allow water flow in and out of the pond, that is inlet (higher side) and outlet (lower side) point for easy harvesting. The bottom of the pond should be made of clay soil (especially earthen pond to retain water). Ensure that the pond contains about 16 percent lime or compost to encourage the growth of phytoplankton and zooplanktons that will help break down complex compounds in the ponds in other to release more oxygen in the pond. It also serves as basal feeds for the aquatic animals in the pond. Maintaining the PH level of the pond is very important like between7 to 8.

D. Determine The Species You Want To Culture;

In other to determine the species of aquatic animal that would strive well in your locality, it is advisable to carry out a random sampling before selecting specie for optimum return on your investment. 

e. Feeding; 

Aquatic animals are not too difficult to feed because; most of them feed on aquatic plants and animals found inside the pond. So you must create an environment to inhabitants them. Most of them also can even feed on algae, maggots, insect larva and other artificial feeds. Feeding with artificial feeds will help them enhance their growth speedily and also get to market value on time. So, it is advisable to feed them with artificial feeds to grow faster and reduce the competition for food between cultured fishes that would have encouraged cannibalism. 

f. Breeding; 

The higher the breeding of your aquatic animal, the higher the feeds consumed, the higher the sales you make from your production and the higher your returns on investment. But don’t let your love for money land you into ineffective management (like; lack of ponds to put them, and money to feed them). Please, breed the aquatic animals you can be able to manage. 

g. Disease Control And Treatment 

Aquatic animals can be affected or infected with diseases, bacteria’s, virus, nematodes, and fungi. The best way to manage aquatic animals is to prevent them from been infected by all the diseases and infections around. These can be controlled by regular cleaning, preventing over population, and screening your ponds regularly. When there is a disease outbreak, the first treatment is to change the water in the pond. However, you can still apply chemicals like formalin, salt or organophosphates. Please note; professional advice should be followed strictly before applying any of these chemicals. 

h. Marketing Strategies;

If your motive is to make profit from your aquatic farming business, then you must give a careful consideration to the best marketing option that would maximize your profits. You can sell directly to consumers or to people who will buy from you in bulk and sell to smaller retailers or final consumers. But note; engage in serious adverting strategy about a month before the maturity of your fish, so that, as soon as it gets mature, you already have ready buyers on ground. 
In conclusion, aquatic farming (catfish/tilapia/prawn/craps/any other aquatic animal) is a lucrative business that can lurch millions into your pockets, but some are more lucrative than others, so do your research very well before venturing into any one.
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Step By Step On Aquatic Farming Business (Catfish/Tilapia/Prawn/Craps)

  • Title Page
  • Table of Content
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Preface
Chapter One: Introduction
   1.2       Why
is catfish different from other fishes?
  1.3       Fish classification
  •  Habitat
  • Morphology
Chapter Two:
  •  Giant Catfish of the World
  • Scientific classification
Chapter Three:
  • Catfish Family
  •  Larval production
  • The culture system
  •  Feed and Feeding
  • Hybridization of catfish
  • Culture system modification
  • Prospect and problems of cultured fish
Chapter Four:
4.0       How to own a Mega fish farm Business
Chapter Five:
  • Pond
  • standard features of a fish pond
  • Types of pond
  • Earthen (Natural) Pond
  • Concrete Pond
  •  Tarpaulin/Plastic/Mobile Pond
  •  Step in fish Pond establishment
  • Important of liming
  • Fertilizing a pond
  • Fish Pond management
Chapter Six:
  • Fish Stocking
  • Stocking of fish can take the form of mono/poly-culture
Chapter Seven:
  • channel catfish
  • Species of channel catfish
  • Life cycle of channel catfish
Chapter Eight:
  • The Electric Catfish
  • Feeding in electric catfish
  • Firing in electric fish
  • Importance tips in managing electric catfish
Chapter Nine:
  • African Giant catfish
  • Habits of African catfish in the wide
  • Natural spawning in the wide
  • Rearing of African giant catfish
Chapter Ten:
  •  Spawning
  •  Hatching techniques in catfish
  • materials needed for (hatching) spawning
  • Prerequisite for (Hatching) spawning in catfish
  •  Steps in (hatching) spawning
  • Some reasons why spawning (Hatching) falls
  • Characteristics of catfish stages
  •  Transportation of catfish
Chapter Eleven:
  • Fish Management
  • How to identify oxygen Depletion in ponds
  • Questions most people ask about catfish management
Chapter Twelve:
  • Fish parasite and Diseases 
  • Fish Disease
  • Causes of Diseases
  • Types of Disease
Chapter Three:
  • Firstly, fish preservation
  • Method of fish preservation
  • Fish salting
  • Drying and Dehydration
  • Also, fish smoking
  • How to smoke fish
Chapter Fourteen:
  • How to make millions from catfish production
  •  Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  •  How to sustain millions in catfish business
List of figures
Firstly, fig.1.1 Labeled diagram of a typical tilapia fish
Secondly, fig 1.2 labeled diagram of a typical catfish
Thirdly, fig 1.3 Labeled diagram of a typical external anatomy of a tilapia fish
Fig 1.4 Labeled diagram of a typical external anatomy of a carpio cyprisnus
Also, fig 1.5 Labeled diagram of a typical internal anatomy of a tilapia fish
Similarly, fig 1.6 Typical example of catfish
Likewise, fig 8.1 Diagram of electric catfish organs
Likewise, fig 9.1 claries gariepinus sample
Fig 9.2 Heterobranchus Bidorsal Sample
Also, fig 10.1 Diagram on how to inject the catfish
Similarly, fig 10.2 Diagram on how to extract the milt (sperm) from catfish
Lastly, fig 10/3 Diagram on how to strip off eggs from catfish and
to fertilize them
List of tables
Firstly, table 2.1 scientific classification of catfish
Table 3.1 catfish families
Furthermore, table 5.1 table showing water retention in soil
Table 8.1 scientific classification of electric catfish
Also, table 9.1 African Giant catfish
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