Tips In Poultry Management

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Introduction To Tips In Poultry Management

It has been clinically proven that man requires a balance diet in other to survive. One of the essential requirements for this balance diet is meat. Apart from red meat – beef etc. the other class of meat is birds. Within this family of birds we have brokers, layers, ducks, quails, and turkeys. These not only provide meat but egg as well. It is as a result of their nutritional and economic importance that many farmers go into their production. Experience has also taught that they are very easy and cheap to maintain hence small scale farmers can also keep them.

Tips In Poultry Management


Features Tips In Poultry Management

1. Brooding:  Brooding has to do with creating enabling environment for young birds. Naturally one of the general characteristics of birds is the ability to take care of their young ones for a considerable length of time during which they provide warmth and food for the upkeep of their young ones. In brooding the young birds which are often times in poultry environment, hatched artificial are provided with the same environment which otherwise, they would have enjoyed, had that mothers hatched them.
2.    Warmth: The most vital thing for birds during their earnest period of their life is warmth. These account for the reasons why birds cover their young ones with wings. During brooding, care is taken to artificially, provide the needed warmth. This provision will help them until they are used to the outside climate. Without going into the use of thermometer to gauge the room temperature and heat regulation; common sense observation can be used. The illustration below can be used as aid.
Tips In Poultry Management

                                                  A                           B                               C
  •  The biggest circle represent the brooding house while the medium circle at the center represent source of heat and the small circle represent the birds.                              
  • A. The heat is not enough hence the birds cluster around the source of heat.
  • B. The heat is too much and the birds are repelled from the source of heat.
  • C. The heat source is ok and the birds are comfortable. you can see that they spread evenly within the brooding enclosure.
At the very early stage of the birds life, care is taken in the types of feed they are given. There is different composition of feeds for different kinds of birds. The feed features include the high protein content and well-grounded of the materials with which they are made.

The next things are the feeders and a drinker in which the food is given to birds during brooding is relatively small. The reason is not farfetched. This is to enable the little birds eat from these feeders without difficulties. The same thing applies to drinkers. As the birds continue to mature, the feeds as well proper formulation of each bird’s feed will be treated in the appropriate section.

Like humans beings, birds are susceptible to many diseases and parasites. Some of these can be prevented while other are facts of life. Unless these diseases are identified and prevented or controlled, they can cause huge losses of birds.
The pen is a place where birds spend most of their life span and the place should be keep clean and free of disease and parasites. Before introduction of new birds to the farm some precaution mostly be carry out. The precautions are as follows:
1.     Remove all the equipment in the house and take it outside. Clean, wash and dry them using disinfectant and expose them to plenty of sunshine.
2.     Clean out the deep litter material and manure in the house.
3.     Clean, wash and disinfect the floor, wall and ceilings of the birds’ house. Leave it empty for two weeks to break any disease cycle.
4.     Spray disinfectant around the outside of the house.
5.     Use new and dry deep litter material not treated with chemicals for the new birds.
6.     Avoid the use of disinfectant on the floor of the house and on the feeders and drinkers when the birds are using them. 
1.     Maintain clean environment
2.     Use good water free of germs
3.     Do not serve food stored for a very long periods for the birds
4.     Ensure fresh air circulation prevent overcrowding in the pen by applying appropriate space guidelines.

Cage System on Perfect Poultry Business Plan & A Feasibility Study In Nigeria

This system involves rearing of poultry on raised wire netting floor in smaller compartments, called cages, either fitted with stands on floor of house or hanged from the roof.  It has been proved very efficient for laying operations, right from day-old to till disposal.  Furthermore, 75% of commercial layers in the world today uses cages. Feeders and water trough are attached to cages from outside except nipple water drinker. Similarly, water pipeline is installed on top of the cages.  Auto-operated feeding trolleys and egg collection belts can also be used in this rearing system.  The droppings are either collected in trays underneath cages or on belts or on the floor or deep pit under cages, depending on type of cages.

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  • Minimum floor space
  • More number of eggs per hen
  • Less feed wastage
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Protection from internal parasites and soil borne illnesses
  • Sick and unproductive birds can be easily identified and eliminated.
  • Clean eggs production
  • Vices like egg eating, pecking is minimal.
  • Broodiness is minimal
  • No need of litter material
  •  Artificial Insemination (AI) can be adopted.
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  • High initial investment cost.
  • Handling of manure may be problem. Generally, flies become a greater nuisance.


The incidence of blood spots in egg is more

Problem of cage layer fatigue. (It is a condition, in which laying birds in cages develop lameness.  It may be due to Ca and P deficiency but the exact reason is not known)

In case of broilers, incidence of breast blisters is more, especially when the broilers weight is more than 1.5 kg.

Types of cages

Based on the number of birds in a cage, it is classified as

  • Firstly, Single or individual bird cage (Only one bird in a cage)
  • Secondly, Multiple bird cage (From 2 to 10 birds, usually 3 or 4 birds per cage)
  • Lastly, Colony cages (Holding birds more than 11 per cage)


Based on the number of rows

  • Single-deck
  • Double-deck
  • Triple-deck
  • Four-deck
  • Flat-deck

Based on arrangement of cages

1) Stair-step cages

  1. a) M-type cages
  2. b) L-type cages

2) Battery cages (Vertical cages)

Based on the type of bird reared

Brooder / chick cages

  • Grower cages
  • Layer cages
  • Breeder cages


Floor space requirements

Type Age
(in weeks)
Egg-type chicken 0-8 0.60 0.20
9-18 1.25 0.30
>18 1.50 0.50
Meat-type chicken 0-4 0.30 --
4-8 0.75 --

Battery cage system For Sale

On Our battery cage specifically, We have for cold galvanized and hot Galvanized

On cold galvanized; we have;

  • Height: 84inches (7ft)
  • Length: 71inches (actual) including water rubber tank (78 inches) (6.5ft)
  • Width: 116inches (2.94m)
  • Each cell is 14inches by 16inches.


On Hot Galvanized, we have;

6.56ft long. 6.56ft wide. 5.4ft height

Irrespective of your poultry pen, we can customize our battery cage system to suite your size.

More on Poultry Battery Cage Repairers

Poultry Battery Cages get bad when they are expose to adverse weather condition that causes them to rust. Once they becomes rusted, there is need to replace them. If not, your cages may begin to breakdown. Our technicians are well trained to handle sure task.  Contact us right away to help you out.


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