Turkey Farming/Business Plans

Turkey Farming/Business Plans is a free guide. Intuitively, turkey farming and business Plans is a sure way to succeed in Turkey business. More especially the Commercial Turkey farming. As a matter of facts, Turkey farming is a profitable business Venture. Similarly, Turkey grows faster like broiler chickens. They become suitable for slaughter purpose within a very short period of time. Turkey farming for meat production is very popular than egg production from turkey. This is because there is high demand for the meat to eggs. Furthermore, some persons keep Turkey as pet in their homes. 
Turkey Farming/Business Plans

More on Turkey Farming/Business Plans

More on Turkey Farming 

As a matter of facts, of all fowls, Turkeys are the fastest growing and one of the most demanded ones in the market. There a lot of people who will choose turkey meat over any other kind of meat any time any day, especially people who no longer have the strength to grind and tear goat meat, cow meat, bush meat and so on. Turkey meat is a sumptuous option for many people who do not really want to leave the meat eating category. 
Asides from the meat, turkeys are also one of the most feathered birds and their feathers, fertilized eggs; even their droppings are all marketable. Frozen turkey tops the frozen foods list, and it’s readily available for purchase in frozen food stores all over the country but the availability is always undermined by the demand for it. Even though turkeys are easy to rear, they need watchful eyes as they are most times, not as strong as they look. 

Starting A Turkey Farming Business 

Staring a Turkey farming business is similar to other poultry birds farming like chickens, ducks, quails and so on. The techniques use in management practice for other poultry birds are applicable to Turkey farming. Likewise, Turkeys are also very social with humans. As a matter of facts, raising turkeys is really very fun and enjoyable. 
Furthermore, Turkey rearing can be technical, as when you starts from day old chick. The day olds are normally kept in a brooder house under normal room temperature for about 5 weeks. During this period, they grow and mature with enough space requirement. The birds are separated into different houses for optimum management. The females grow a little bit slower than the males and are kept in one house. The males that are fast growers are kept in another house. They may be there till their full maturity stage, which is usually 20 weeks. Thereafter, you can either sell for money or allowed to mate (production/breeding). This will lead you into prepare them for brooding again. 

Good Turkey Breeds 

Turkey has several good breeds available around the globe. Likewise, not all Turkey breeds are suitable enough for commercial meat production. Furthermore, you can raise only a few of those breeds in your farm for profitable meat production. For profitable meat production you have to use some modern turkey breeds that are raised for commercial production. Tom turkey is prefer to others. There are other good species like; Broad-breasted White, is such a modern turkey breed for commercial production. The meat produced by raising this breed on pasture is more tasty and flavorful than the meat produced from commercial farm. 
As a matter of facts, White Holland and Standard Bronze are other two popular meat producing turkey breed. Although, there are other breeds in the market like Bourbon Reds, Narragansetts, Royal Palm and so on. Commercial Turkey farming for meat production farmers can go for Tom Turkey, Broad-Breasted Whites, Standard Bronze and White, White Hollands and so on. 

Housing & Fencing in Turkey Farming/Business Plans

Good housing with all types of essential facilities available is very necessary for commercial turkey production. In this regard, you have to make a permanent house like chicken house and ensure availability of all necessary facilities. For fencing, make the fence as high as possible. Turkeys are large in size and become very strong. So, the fencing also need to be strong enough to protect the birds. You can use electric poultry netting, woven wire fencing, metal T-posts or wooden posts. However, while making housing and fencing for turkeys, keep in mind the followings. 
Turkey Farming/Business Plans



  • Protect them from predators and harmful animals
  • 75 feet * 75 feet space is suitable for accommodating for up to 12 birds.
  • Never let the turkeys to graze in the pasture until they reach grazing age.
  • Using wooden litter is very effective for turkey farming.
  • Make sure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the house.
  • Make proper ventilation system.
  • Make the pen spacious enough for cleaning regularly.
  • In case of fencing, make it as high as possible.Turkeys are far stronger and big than other birds. So, make the fencing with strong materials.
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Feeding & Watering in Turkey Farming/Business Plans

  • Feeding is the most important aspect of Turkey farming. Carbohydrates and fats can increase the energy of fowl. They can get the correct amount of nutrients from a balanced ration of feeds. When the fowls are fed fat feeds, they can proportionally increase in size. Although their strength depends on the carbohydrate feed they consume. The larger the turkey is, the more the energy it will take to maintain the body and also to produce eggs.
  • Turkeys generally eat a lot. It is preferable you raise the tom turkey as they are more likely to give you quick return for your money. They are very strong, disease-resistant, and in a space of 2 eight weeks, could grow larger than other specie variety. Also they fairly reflect whatever you feed them. A tom of up to eighteen pounds could require just forty two pounds of feed.
  • Furthermore, water should be readily available as turkeys can be the highest water drinkers on the poultry farm.
  • Turkey needs more protein in their food for the first few weeks than other domestic birds. The protein in poultry feed should be at least 28 percent. You can go with chick starter which contain about 28 percent of protein. Feed the turkey with chick starter for first six weeks. After that period, you can feed them with grower feed. Grower feed contains 20 percent protein. The amount of protein in turkey feed is higher than chickens or other poultry birds feed.

Care & Management 

  • Always try to keep your birds in healthy environment and learn more about turkey farming and how to prevent health problems.
  • Use a vaccination programme like that of broiler birds.
  • Never feed your birds with contaminated feed and water. Always provide them clean and fresh water.
  • Keep sufficient space inside the house.
  • And lastly, take good care of your birds.


Turkey meat are more in demand than other poultry birds because they are bigger in size. As a matter of facts, Eateries, household and food chicken firm prefer turkey to other. These has opened more market outlet to turkey than other poultry birds. 

Potential Benefits in Turkey Farming 

  • Starting a turkey farming business in Nigeria isn’t overly capital intensive as other animal husbandry businesses.
  • The more the local production of turkey, the less the need to import. (As some still import frozen turkey into the country illegally).
  • Turkeys are not the most difficult animals to rear; in fact, with the right facilities, they can be the easiest to manage.
  • If instructions are followed properly, and adequate facilities provided, turkeys are the kind of animals that can give you maximum ROI.
  • Turkeys don’t need much market persuasion and cajoling, as you can sell of as many as 30 mature turkeys in one day if you get your targets right.
  • The ROI on turkey farming in Nigeria is really worth the time, effort and every other form of investments put in it.

Risks Involved in Turkey Farming 

  • If the poultry is not well protected, your biggest threat would be snakes that’ll keep eating the eggs or killing the fowls.
  • Soldier ants, bush rats, and other rodents can also be a threat to your turkey farming business.
  • Unhygienic poultry could lead to infections and the delicate part is that diseases spread faster amidst turkeys than most other poultry animals.
  • Improper feeding would make your turkeys less preferred to others from other farms, so you must be ready to spend on feeding.

Mini Feasibility Study on Turkey Farming 

Turkey farming isn’t the most expensive business to start-up. One can start a Turkey farm with just 5 turkeys (3 females and 2 males) N15, 000 X 5 = N75, 000. Poultry construction, feeds purchase, poultry periodic treatment, water supply, all approximated to N150, 000. At the end of one farming year, you should have nothing less than 50 turkeys in your poultry farm, which if sold for N15, 000 each when mature, equals a potential N750, 000. 

Summary on Turkey farming 

In summary, Turkey farming is one of the lucrative farming business you have around. Turkey eggs takes 28 days in the incubator before they are hatched. Thereafter, the turkeys take some weeks on the farm before reaching maturity. There is need to know that vaccination is very important for turkey farming at least twice from 0-10 weeks against histomoniasis also known as blackhead. 
Knowledge: If you need first-hand practical turkey farming experience, you could attach to a nearby poultry farm. You could also read relevant materials like this one, make in-depth research and start-up your business. The former option is better if you have access to a poultry farm 

Cage System on Perfect Poultry Business Plan & A Feasibility Study In Nigeria

This system involves rearing of poultry on raised wire netting floor in smaller compartments, called cages, either fitted with stands on floor of house or hanged from the roof.  It has been proved very efficient for laying operations, right from day-old to till disposal.  At present, 75% of commercial layers in the world are kept in cages. Feeders and water trough are attached to cages from outside except nipple water drinker, for which pipeline is installed through or above cages.  Auto-operated feeding trolleys and egg collection belts can also be used in this rearing system.  The droppings are either collected in trays underneath cages or on belts or on the floor or deep pit under cages, depending on type of cages.

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  • Minimum floor space
  • More number of eggs per hen can be received
  • Less feed wastage
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Protection from internal parasites and soil borne illnesses
  • Sick and unproductive birds can be easily identified and eliminated.
  • Clean eggs production
  • Vices like egg eating, pecking is minimal.
  • Broodiness is minimal
  • No need of litter material
  •  Artificial Insemination (AI) can be adopted.



  • High initial investment cost.
  • Handling of manure may be problem. Generally, flies become a greater nuisance.


The incidence of blood spots in egg is more

Problem of cage layer fatigue. (It is a condition, in which laying birds in cages develop lameness.  It may be due to Ca and P deficiency but the exact reason is not known)

In case of broilers, incidence of breast blisters is more, especially when the broilers weight is more than 1.5 kg.

Types of cages

Based on the number of birds in a cage, it is classified as

  • Firstly, Single or individual bird cage (Only one bird in a cage)
  • Secondly, Multiple bird cage (From 2 to 10 birds, usually 3 or 4 birds per cage)
  • Lastly, Colony cages (Holding birds more than 11 per cage)


Based on the number of rows

  • Single-deck
  • Double-deck
  • Triple-deck
  • Four-deck
  • Flat-deck

Based on arrangement of cages

1) Stair-step cages

  1. a) M-type cages
  2. b) L-type cages

2) Battery cages (Vertical cages)

Based on the type of bird reared

Brooder / chick cages

  • Grower cages
  • Layer cages
  • Breeder cages


Floor space requirements

Type Age
(in weeks)
Egg-type chicken 0-8 0.60 0.20
9-18 1.25 0.30
>18 1.50 0.50
Meat-type chicken 0-4 0.30 --
4-8 0.75 --

Battery cage system For Sale

On Our battery cage specifically, We have for cold galvanized and hot Galvanized

On cold galvanized; we have;

  • Height: 84inches (7ft)
  • Length: 71inches (actual) including water rubber tank (78 inches) (6.5ft)
  • Width: 116inches (2.94m)
  • Each cell is 14inches by 16inches.
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On Hot Galvanized, we have;

6.56ft long. 6.56ft wide. 5.4ft height

Irrespective of your poultry pen, we can customize our battery cage system to suite your size.

More on Poultry Battery Cage Repairers

Poultry Battery Cages get bad when they are expose to adverse weather condition that causes them to rust. Once they becomes rusted, there is need to replace them. If not, your cages may begin to breakdown. Our staff are well trained to handle any task.  Contact us right away to help you out.

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