Wildlife Conversations / Get Researches, Feasibility Reports, Business Plans For Loans And Grants

Wildlife Conversations / Get Researches, Feasibility Reports, Business Plans For Loans And Grants

Wildlife Conversations / Get Researches, Feasibility Reports, Business Plans For Loans And Grants is  a free guide. Intuitively, Wildlife is one of the agricultural resources. Wildlife is a term that refers to animals and plants that are not normally domesticated by man but essential for his survival. They are living things that will die and be replaced by others of their kind.

Furthermore, International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) broadly described wildlife to include all plants and other microbes that grow or live in a wildlife environment without being introduced by humans. Osinem described wildlife as one of the ecological capitals comprising every form of life, from the tiniest microbes to the mightiest beast and the ecosystem of which they are part. But for the purpose of the present work, wildlife is limited to animals. Wildlife is a diverse agricultural resource existing in various forms, such as mammals, reptiles, birds, aquatics and arachnids.

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Similarly, wildlife depends on the vegetation for its existence. Osinem and Mama pointed out that it is estimated that half the world’s species live in the tropical forest. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems; deserts, forests, rain forests, plain grasslands and other areas including the most developed urban sites, all have distinct forms of wildlife. The type of plant formation and its stage in ecological succession determine the species and number of animals which can occupy a habitat.

Intuitively, wildlife is one of the agricultural resources needed by man for survival. A resource is something one has in the form of raw materials which can be used to increase his wealth. Uko argues that there are two types of resources; material and human resources. Resources in the context of this study are those natural materials or assets obtained from the environment to satisfy human needs and wants. Wildlife resources are those material benefits obtained from wildlife to satisfy human needs and wants. Wildlife provides humanity with a cornucopia of goods and services from food, energy and material to genes which protect our crops and heal our diseases.

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Furthermore, wildlife resources provide humanity with food, fiber, fuel, meat, medicine, industrial materials irrespective of ecological zone. Wildlife resources are of nutritional, economic, health ecological, cultural and religious importance to the local user. It is a source of income and means of livelihood among local users. Local users are people living together in communities that depend on wildlife resources for their survival.

And because of these reasons almost every forms of wildlife is subject to capture or control by man (local user). Also the food or habitat upon which these animals depend may be damaged or destroyed by human activities, and certain species of wildlife have already become extinct and others are presently endangered. For sustainability of this agricultural resource (wildlife) among local users, conservation and management of wildlife is necessary.


Wildlife resources that are under vulnerability, endangered threatened and extinct species in Anambra State



Scientific Name

Common Name

Local Name


Thyronomys swinderianus




Atherurus africanus

Bush-tailed porcupine

Ebi ogwu


Cricetomys gambianus

African giant rat



Cephalophus maxwelli

Maxwell duiker



Tragelaphus scriptus

Bush buck



Cercopithecus mona

Mona monkey



Potamochoerus porcus

Bush pig



Numida meleargris

Helmeted guinea fowl



Vivera civita

African civet cat



Protoxerus strangeri

Geoffroy’s ground squirrel



Environmental degradation and socio-economic problems are the major setbacks facing wildlife sustainability

The following are environmental degradation facing wildlife sustainability in my State of Origin Anambra:

  • Rapid deforestation

  • Over hunting/exploitation

  • Bush burning

  • Pollution

  • Use of poison and explosive like dynamite in hunting by hunters

  • Loss of habitat

  • Agricultural activities like shift cultivation, clean clearing

  • Soil degradation and erosion

Socio-Economic Problems facing Wildlife in my Origin

  • Firstly, presence of strangers in the community

  • Secondly, religion and westernization

  • Thirdly, local users beliefs are seen as satanic by other religion

  • Lack of government interest in conservation and management practices of the local users

  • Furthermore, poverty among local users

  • Also, improved hunting techniques

  • Illegal trade of wildlife

  • Population growth/explosion

  • Likewise, Loss in the power of traditional rulers of local users caused by civilization

  • Value of wildlife

  • Finally, commercialization of wildlife


  • Firstly, avoid burning of bush during hunting

  • Secondly, avoid the use of poison and explosives like dynamite during hunting

  • Thirdly, avoid deforestation to prevent loss of wildlife habitat

  • Fourthly avoid dumping of polluted waste material in forest, to prevent pollution of wildlife habitat

  • Also, avoid killing rare species of wildlife

  • Avoid hunting animals for commercial purpose

  • Similarly, avoid killing friendly non-edible wild animals like chameleon

  • Likewise, avoid killing young, pregnant or lactating wildlife

  • Also, Avoid use of wild meat in wedding, ritual and naming ceremony as a source of meat

  • Avoid entering and hunting wildlife from sacred forests/forbidden forest

  • Likewise, avoid hunting an animal found in water catchment area

  • Hunting should target mostly adult and male animals

  • Setting free wild animals found trapped

  • Restrict hunting of certain species to specific seasons to allow breeding

  • Heavy fines on anyone found setting fire on forests

  • Similarly, avoid killing wild animals indiscriminately

  • Lastly, avoid hunting or touching animal sacred to a particular clan

Wildlife is one of the agricultural resources that provide Nigerians with food, fiber, fuel, meat, medicine, industrial materials across all ecological zones in the country. It is a source of income and means of livelihood among the local users in Anambra State. Efforts should be made by government and society to encourage wildlife conservation and management among local users to ensure sustainability of this endangered agricultural resource in the nation. The researcher strongly suggests the establishment of Wildlife Conservation and Management Boards (WCMB) in every agricultural zone in the country. Some religious organizations in the zone encourage their members to kill some species of wildlife whenever they see them because they belief them to be demonic and the rules governing sacred forest (habitat for wildlife) which are necessary for wildlife conservation and management must not be obeyed by their members.
Furthermore, the establishment of WCMB will help to regulate the indiscriminate killing/hunting of wildlife among local users and help in sensitizing religious leaders to respect traditional wildlife conservation and management practices among their host communities to preserve this endangered resource from going into extinction. A national sensitization programme should be conducted to reawaken the need for every Nigerian to avoid any practices that degrade the environment on which wildlife depends for survival and sustainability as it remains an important agricultural resource and means for livelihood. Wildlife is one of the resources, the researcher suggests the introduction of “wildlife conservation and management” as a general studies (GSP)/Subject into the curriculum of all levels of education in the country. This will help to educate the students, who now represent the majority of the country’s population, in resolving the environmental degradation facing wildlife, and the socio-economic problems militating against some cultural practices that ensure wildlife conservation and management in Nigeria.

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