About us at Chris Farm Nigeria pinpoint that Farming is a good business. As a matter of facts, Chris Farms and Extension services, Alias; “Chris Farm Nigeria” specializes on Extension Services, Agricultural Project or Program Development, Business plans and Feasibility study writing, livestock productions, consultancy, Sale of Agro-Machines and Equipment, Local and foreign poultry battery cage system, Sales of Collapsible Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond, General Management, alongside other fields of farming techniques to make the Agricultural sector lucrative and productive.


More About Us

Furthermore, we also grow, supply, and sell, fingerlings, juvenile, table sized catfish, eggs, broilers, old layers, piglets, boar, sow, snails, grass cutter, rabbit, Agro-Machines, Battery cage systems and so on.


Mission Statement

Intuitively, our company’s mission Statement is to make Agriculture lucrative through encouraging others to become Co-Job providers. Similarly, this will enable continuous eradication of hunger and starvation, unemployment and youth restiveness for the ever increasing population of the world.


Value proposition

Our Value proposition is to increase Agricultural output generally via value Chains, Using Machines and Human Begins as Vehicles.

Furthermore, Chris Farms and Extension services, Alias; “Chris Farm Nigeria” Creates Jobs for Job seekers. Likewise, boost Farmers output through improve varieties from Research centers with the aid of our Extension services.


Our focus is on those who normally wouldn’t be qualified to get a job as a result of age, unemployment, disabilities or criminal backgrounds. However, we are open to help anyone success in life via doing farming Business.



Likewise, the aim is to boost Food productivity that will in turn fight hunger and starvation, unemployment and youth restiveness in Nigeria before 2050.

Founded by Chima, Christopher Kelechi in March 2012 to help the poor have a source of livelihood.

Always note: Your success, is our optimum desire at Chris Farm Nigeria.

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